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On June the second in 1958, 

We the Senior Class will graduate, 

And leave behind us, Saint Mary's. 

After a year or two, 

When you have nothing to do 

Then pick up this book, 

And take a quick look 

At the life that you lived at Saint Mary's: 

First conic the faculty, 


And follies. 

Not to be forgotten arc of course: 




Et cetera . . . 



And the everlasting — ringing of bells, 

All of which we remember quite well. 

So as you flip through these pages, 

And recall some of the stages . . . 

Think of your times at Saint Mary's. 

And when upon this life 3'ou wish to concentrate. 

Just open up the Stage Coach of 1958. 


It is indeed a privilege for the Senior Class to have the opportunity of dedicating 
this 1958 Stage Coach to you, our beloved Dean, MISS EDITH ANNE RICHARD- 
SON. We hope that this may serve as a small token of our appreciation for all that you 
have done for us. 


Here is Smedes . . . 

We entered Saint Mary's through her doors; 

We lived in her rooms; 

In her classrooms we learned ; 

And studied some too. 

What part of this building will we remember most? 

The parlors — with dates and Sunday line-ups? 

Perhaps the sunporch, where we tanned somewhat . . 

It could he the mail boxes, 

Or flights of stairs. . . . 

Maybe the Little Store, 

Coke machine, 

Hook store, 
Or pay telephones. 
What about the Dean's Office, 
Sign-out tallies, 
And bulletin boards, 
Day Students' Room, 

Or package lists — with every name but ours? 
Truly, Smedes holds much to be remembered 
And since we entered through her doors . . . 
So, through these same doors must we leave- 
Farewell to Smedes, from the Class of '58. 

•air 8 



f r t r» 




Thp Old (\m\ the New 

The Chapd 

Peniclc Dormitory and Cheshire Hall 


Preside lit 

A.B., Western Maryland College; Ph.D., The Johns Hopkins University; L.H.D., Western Mary- 
land College. Saint Mary's, 19-16 — . 

Dean of Students 

Miss "R" is ever by our side, just when we 
need her. She is always ready with a word of 
advice . . . patient to the end . . . truly everyone's 



Dr. (iuerry came to Saint Mary's this year from 
Old Saint Paul's Church in Norfolk, where he 
was rector for the past twenty years. He brought 
with him, his "precious" wife and an untold amount 
of sincerity and understanding for everyone. 

|$» =5, *" 

Bessie B. Brown 

In charge of Book Store and Post Office 

Katie Bullock 
A s s i s taut D i etit i a n 

Evie Callahan 

Betty Deb nam 

Alumnae Secretary 

Mary Jane Hornuack 

Nell Ruth Jewell, R.N. 
Resident Nurse 

Julia Jordan 

Chauncy L. Roysteh 


Margaret Sasser 
Assistant Hostess 

Mary Lewis Sasser 

Macy Seagroves, R.N. 

Stella T. Smith 

Switchboard Operator 

Estelle R. Tant 

Hostess for Pen'ick Dormitory 

Della B. Truitt 

Elizabeth G. Tucker 

Secretary to the President 

Frances Vann 



Doris S. Bailey Physical Education 

B.S., Texas University for Women; Jacobs Pillow Uni- 
versity of Dance. Saint Mary's, 1957-. 

Elizabeth Bason Home Economics 

A.B., Flora Macdonald College; M.A., Columbia Uni- 
versity. Saint Mary's, 1924--. 

Ernestine Boineau Commercial Subjects 

A.B., Winthrop College; further study at Southern Busi- 
ness University and Appalachian State Teachers Col- 
lege. Saint Mary's, 1950-. 

Janet E. Broughton Mathematics and French 

A.B., Lindenwood College; M.A., Oberlin College. Saint 
Mary's, 19 10-. 

Russell Broughton Organ, Harmony, History of Music 
Mus.B., Mus.M.. Oberlin College; Fellow of the Ameri- 
can Guild of Organists; Pi Kappa Lambda Estey Scho- 
larship, Conservatoire Amerieain Fontaincbleau ; pupil in 
organ of George Whitfield Andrews, Henri Libert; in 
theory of A. E. Heaeox ; in composition of G. W. Andrews, 
Nadi Boulanger ; in improvisation of Marcel Dupre. 
Saint Mary's, 1910-. 

Helen Abel Brown Librarian 

A. 13., M.A.. Middlebury College; further study in 
Universidad de Mexico, Mexico, D. F.;A.B. in Library 
Science, University of Michigan. Saint Mary's, 193 1-. 

Mary Johnson Browne Assistant Librarian 

A.B., Mereditli College; M.A., West Virginia University. 
Saint Mary's, 1952-. 

Owens Hand Browne Chemistry 

B.S.j North Carolina State College; Ph.D., The Johns 
Hopkins University. Saint Mary's, 1950-. 

Carl F. Cannon, Jr. History and Government 

Newport News Business; University of Virginia; A. A., 
Mars Hill Junior College; B.A., M.A., Duke University; 
Saint Mary's, 1957-. 

Gehaldine Spinks Cate Voice and Glee Club 

A.B., University of South Carolina; Mus.B., West- 
minister Choir College; M.A. in Music, Teachers College. 
Columbia University; pupil of Julie Bell Soudant. Saint 
Mary's, 19-10-. 

Louise Keith Cell English 

B.A., Texas State College for Women; M.A., Southern 
Methodist University. Saint Mary's 1952-. 

Florence Jean Eggert Spanish and English 

A.B., M.A.. University of Kansas; Saint Mary's, 1957-. 

Mary Oliver Ellington Hygiene and Biology 

Peace Junior College; B.S., Long-wood College; Duke 
University; M.S., North Carolina State College. Saint 
Mary's, 1917-1952; 1957-. 

Moultrie Guerry Bible 

B.A., The University of the South; B.D.. Virginia Theo- 
logical Seminary; D.D., Virginia Theological Seminary. 
Saint Mary's, 1957-. 

Jane Goss Guess Sociology 

B.S., University of Wisconsin. Saint Mary's, 1938-1951 ; 

William C. Guess Economics 

A.B., University of North Carolina; M.A., The Johns 
Hopkins University. Saint Mary's, 1928-. 

Ruth McNitt Hafley Mvsic Department Accompanist 
Oberlin Conservatory; B.S., Pennsylvania Stat.- Uni- 
versity. Saint Mary's, 1956'-. 

Mary Ruth Haig Piano 

De Pauw University School of Music; graduate in piano, 
pupil of James F'riskin, Julliard School of Music; B.S.. 
in Music Education, Teachers College, Columbia Uni- 
versity; M.S., in Piano, Julliard School of Music; Pupil 
of Sascha Gorodnitzki, pupil of Robert and Graby 
Casadesus, Conservatoire Amerieain, Fontainebleau. Saint 
Mary's, 1937-. 

Lawrence E. Hinkle Latin 

A.H.. University of Colorado; M.A., Columbia Uni- 
versity; D.S. es Latin, Dijon University. Saint Mary's 

Camilla Hoy Spanish and French 

A.B., M.A., University of South Carolina; Ph.D., ISryn 
Mawr College. Saint Mary's. 1952-. 

Susanne J. Jacobus Biology 

A.B., Salem College; M.S., University of Michigan; 
Cornell University, Critic Teacher, Science Teacher 
Training Program. Saint Mary's, 1953-. 

Sara Esther Jones English 

B.S., Asbeville College; M.S., George Peabody College 
for Teachers. Saint Mary's, 19-17-. 

Annie Ruth Lineberry Mathematics 

A.B.. Meredith College: M.A., Columbia University. 
Saint Mary's, 1927-. 

Jane Lloyd Physical Education 

B.S.j Mary Washington College. Saint Mary's, 1957-. 

Katherine Morris [ rt 

Graduate of Saint Mary's Junior College; studied further 
at University of North Carolina, Meredith College, Wom- 
an's College of University of North Carolina, Abbot 
School of Art, New York School of Fine and Applied Art. 
Saint Mary's, 1945-. 

Mabel Margaret Morrison History, Psychology 

and Geography 
A.B., M.A., Dalbousie University; Ph.D., University of 
Toronto. Saint Mary's, 1929-. 

Eugene F. Parker German and Spanish 

B.S., Norwich University; M.A., Ph.D., Harvard Uni- 
versity. Saint Mary's. 19 17-. 

Donald Peery Piano and Theory 

Mus.B.. Oberlin College; M.A., Teachers College, Co- 
lumbia University; pupil of Rosalyn Tureck and Frank 
Sheridan, New York; Adjudicator, National Guild of 
Auditions. Saint Mary's. 1910-1911 ; 1911-. 

Carolyn Peacock Poole . . English and History 

A.B., Meredith College; M.A.. Oberlin College. Saint 
Mary's, 1953-. 

Edith Anne Richardson English 

A.B., Wellesley College. Saint Mary's, 1955-. 

Julienne Mongin Smith French and Spanish 

A.B., M.A., University of South Carolina; Certih'cat 
D'Etudes. Sorbonne, Paris. Saint Mary's, 1917-. 

Nancy C. Stamey Speech and Drama 

Graduate of Columbia College of Speech and Drama. 
Saint Mary's. 1957-. 

John N. Tate, ,\\t. English 

B.A., Louisiana State University; M.A., University of 
North Carolina. Saint Mary's, 1957-. 

Margaret C. Williams Art and Art History 

A.B., M.A., Woman's College of University of North 
Carolina. Saint Mary's, 195G-. 

Senior Class Officers 

Emeline Elmore 

Ann Rountree 

Anne Morris 


Cynthia Young 



Jessie Fremont Allen Greensboro, N. C. 

Fair in all her dealings . . . Wonderful dry wit . . . 
Rainy week ends at the beach . . . Monograms . . . 
Daily reminders . . . Dependability personified. 
Nominating Committee '54-'55; Y.D.C. *54-'55; 
Beacon '54-56; Dramatics Club '54-'55; Legisla- 
tive Body '55-'56; Orchesis '54-'58; Y.W.C.A. 
'54-'57; Belles Staff '55-'57; Stage Coach Staff 
'55-56; President of Sophomore Class '55-'56; 
Altar Guild '56-'58; Sigma Cheerleader '56-'57; 
Circle '57-'58; Hall Counselor '57-'58; Chairman 
of Hall Council '57-'58; Senior Class Historian; 

Nancy Jane Atkinson Asheville, N. C. 

Fit for a queen . . . Beautiful blue eyes . . . Home 
remedies . . . A way with Englishmen . . . Fashion- 
able . . . "I'm so excited!" . . . "How do you 
spell — ?" 

Glee Club '56-'57; Y.D.C. '56-'58; Choir '57-'58; 
Belles Staff '57-'58; Stage Coach Staff '57-'58; 
Altar Guild \57-'58; Sigma. 

Mary Culter Bahnsen Chapel Hill. N. C. 

"Bridge anyone?" . . . Lives in a Utopia — Chapel 
Hill . . . Scarab collector . . . Kind . . . Spinner of 
dreams . . . Ambition — Europe. 

Belles Staff '57-'58; Stage Coach Staff '56-'58; 
Y.D.C. '56-\58; Senior Little Store \57-'58; Altai- 
Guild '57-'58 ; Sigma. 

Maiiy Elizabeth Bailey Kenly, N. C. 

Bowling Champ . . . Sparkling eyes . . . Carefree 
. . . Never at a loss for words . . . A gal with a 
head on her shoulders. 

Stage Coach Staff '57- 
Y.D.C. '56-'58; Altar Gi 

58; Belles Staff 
uld '57-'58; Mu. 


Julia Ethel Baker Florence, S. C. 

"Boo" . . . Shrewd thinker ... .1 genius in disguise 
■ ■ . Lullaby of Broadway . . . Good looking . . . 
"Here I come South Carolina!" . . . Nonchalant. 

Belles Staff '56-'58; Bulletin Staff '56-'57; Y.D.C. 
'56-'57; Dance Marshal '56-'.57; Sigma Pi Alpha 
j56-'58; Altar Guild \57-'58; Hall Counselor '57- 
'58; Sigma. 

Carole Louise Barber Chattanooga. Tenn. 

Expressive blue eyes . . . New Project every week 
. . . "B-S" . . . Fond of intellectual subjects . . . 
and a party girl too . . . "Get it or forget it." 

Canterbury Club '56-'58; Y.R.C. '57-'58; Y.D.C. 
'57-'58; Belles Staff '56-'58; Mu. 



Joan Winfield Barbeb 

Charlotte, N. C. 

Dainty . . . Effervescent personality . . . Unpre- 
dictable ... .1 most rare and peculiar giggle . . . 
Ready with a helping hand. 

Dance Marshal '56-'58j Altar Guild '57-\58; 
Y.R.C. '57-'58; Senior Little Store '57-'58; Belles 
Staff '56-57; Hall Counselor '57-'58; Sir/ma. 

Sara Ann Barber 


N. C. 

Clever sarcasm . . . Chewing (jam — her favorite pas- 
time . . . Keeps us in hysterics . . . Straight forward 
. . . Agreeable . . . Can't keep a straight face. 

Treasurer of Sophomore Class '55-'56; Beacon 
'55-'56; Softball All-Star '56-57; Volleyball Team 
'55-'56; Belles Staff '55-'58, Photographer '57-'58; 
V.W.C.A. '51-'55', Sigma. 

Marie Page Barnes Wilson. N. C. 

Model . . . "Motor mouth" . . . Her favorite subject 
is European History . . . Long Sam . . . "Telephone, 
Ginny!" . . . Flirt . . . Never at a loss for words. 

Y.D.C. '56-'57; Canterbury Club '56-'57; Mb. 

Sarah White Barnes 

Wilson. N. C. 

Sally ... .1 taste for the unusual . . . li'hat an 
actress? ... .7 girl with initiative and the strength 
to do each job . . . Chief . . . Night owl . . . 
Pantomimes . . . "Now, Miss Jones" . . . Unin- 
hibited . . . New York, New York!!! 

Y.D.C. '56-'57; Y.R.C. '56-'57; Hockey Team 
*56-'57 ; Dramatics Club \56-'58, Vice-President 
\56-'57; Altar Guild '56-'58; Belles Staff \56-'57; 
Peg 0' My Heart '57; Sigma Pi Alpha '.56-'58; 
Swimming All Star '58 ; Stage Coach Staff '56-'57. 
Editor '57-'58; Acolyte '57-'58; Hall Counselor 
'57-'58; Our Town '58; Y.W.C.A. '57-'58; Muse 
Staff \57-'58; Sigma. 

Jane Snyder Bellamy Wrightsville, N. C. 

Beauty . . . Quiet . . . Lovely sjnile . . . Men come 
tunning . . . Ideal of models . . . Unaffected . . . 
Carefree and (lay. 

Granddaughters' Club '57-'58; Stage Coach Staff 
'56-57; Marshal '57-58 ; Hall Counselor '57-'58; 
May Queen '57-58 ; Sigma. 

Elizabeth Bdrton Blake 

Sissy . . . Graceful . . . Poeti 

Tail . . . "Did you do your Spanish? 

with her hands. 

Jacksonville, Fla. 

. . Reserved . . . Pony 

Dramatics Club 
Day '56-'58; Ma. 

57- 58: 

Orchesis 'oii-'5X: May 



Jane Linda Brady Charlotte, N. C. 

Sincere . . . Dependable . . . Gracious and refined 
manner . . . "Keep the brass shining" . . . Knows 
all the inside dope from the office. 
Hall Counselor '57-'58; Y.D.C. '54-'58 ; Y.W.C.A. 
'54-'55; Nominating Committee '56-'57; Belles 
Staff '56-'57; Altar Guild '56-'S7, President '57- 
'58; Assistant Secretary of Hall Council \57-'58; 
May Day '55-'56; Orchesis 'S7-'58; Circle '57-'58 ; 
Office Assistant '57-'58; Senior Class Historian; 

Betty York Bundy Greenwich, Conn. 

"Bundy" . . . Attractive . . . Deep . . . Conscientious 
. . . Sedate . . . Always on the go . . . Many different 
male interests. 

Belles Staff '56-'58; Y.D.C. '57-'58 ; Dramatics 
Club '57-'58; Mu. 

Annie Gray Nash Calhoun Klkin. N. C. 

"A. G." . . . Talkative . . . Poised . . . The Hill . . . 
Selectivity . . . "Ya'll PLEEZK get in the Parlor." 
Y.D.C. '56-'57; Granddaughters' Club '56-\58, 
President '57-'58; Stage Coach Staff '56-'57; Chief 
Marshal '57-'58 ; Hall Counselor '57-'58; Mu. 

Caroline Collier Cobb 
"Cobhic" . . . Miss Incognito . . . 
. .. Sapphire miner . . . Executive 
to town?" . . . Unforgettable . 

GoldsborOj N. C. 
Anchors .hceigh 
. . . "Want to go 
. Our leader. 

President of Class '54-'S5, '5o'-'57; Legislative 
Body '54-'58, Secretary '54-'56; Beacon 'BB-'SS; 
Y.W.C.A. "54-57; Y.R.C, \54-'58, President '56- 
'57; Y.D.C. \54-'56; Letter Club '55-58; Nomi- 
nating Committee '54-'55; Belles Staff '54-'57 ; 
Hockey '55-'57; Volleyball \5G-'57. All-Star '57; 
Softball '55-'57. All-Stars '57. Captain '57; Circle 
'56-'58; Hall Counselor '57-'58; Altar Guild '57- 
'58; Dramatics Club '54-'56; Granddaughters' Club 
'54-'58; President of Student Government Associa- 
tion '57-'58; Honor Council '57-'58; Muse Staff 
'51-'58; Mu. 

Nancy Christine Coston 
Baby Face — but she's dynamiti 
Long distance phone calls . . . 
. . .'Mrs. . . . 

Choir '57-'58; Orchesis '57-'58 
Y.R.C. '57-'58; Sigma. 

Asheville. N. C. 
■ . . . Angel hair . . . 
'Oh-Oo" . . . Squeal 

; May Day '57-'58 ; 

Elizabeth Burke Covington Raleigh, N. C. 

"Cov" . . . Personality Plus . . . Genius . . . Little 
Store . . . Devilish . . . "T. Paper Kid" . . . "Let's 
hum our English books" . . . Clever manner of 
speech . . . Unconventional . . . Determination. 
Stage Coach Staff '55-'56; Granddaughters' Club 
'56-'58; Vice-President of Sigmas '57-'58; Hall 
Counselor '57-'58; Manager of Senior Little Store 
'57-'58; Y.D.C. '56-'58; Acolyte '57-'58; Softball, 
All-Star '57; Senior Class Testator; Circle '57-'58 ; 



Margaret Wister Crowson Burlington, N. C. 

"Crow" . . . Athletic . . . Five movies a week . . . 
Red Camels . . . "But Mr. Guess" . . . Does her 
homework . . . Cra::y. 

Belles Staff '56-'S8; Soccer Team '57-'S8; Drama- 
tics Club "56-'57; Y.D.C. 'S6-'57; Sigma. 

Carol Memory Crumpler Raleigh, N. C. 

Generous . . . Pleasant .. . Bridge . . . Understand- 
ing ■ . . Talkative . . . Solitaire . . . "Let's flush it." 

Y.D.C. '56-'57; Y.W.C.A. '5<i-'57; Stage Coach 
Staff '56-'57; Belles Staff '5G-'57; Sir/ma. 

Penelope Alexander Currie Charlotte, N. C. 

"Peppy" . . . Life of the party . . . The smile . . . 
"No sweat — ha!" . . . More bounce to the ounce . . . 
"Hi buds" . . . Unsuspecting . . . Endless stream 
of chatter . . . Hilarious. 

Belles Staff '56-'58, Circulation Manager. \57-'58; 
Y.D.C. '5fi-'58; Sif/ma Cheerleader '56-'58; Dra- 
matics Club '57-'58; Head Cheerleader '57-'58; 
Altar Guild '56-'58; Hall Counselor '57-'58; May 
Day '57-'58; Sigma. 

Martha Cornelia Custis Suffolk. Va. 

Peanut kid . . . Terror of the soccer field . . . 
Blonde curls ■ ■ ■ Hi-fidelity . . . Belles Box . . . 
"Sure would love a Cavalier." 

Belles Staff '56-\57, News Editor \57-'58; Altar 
Guild '57-\58; Y.D.C. 'S6-.57. Secretary-Treasurer 
'57-'58; Chemistry Lab Assistant '56-'58; Hall 
Counselor '57-'58; Sigma. 

Mary Laura Davis 

Nashville. N. C. 

"Chee" . . . "The Pajama dame" . . . Lady in red 
. . . Creative mind . . . Syncopated rhythm . . . 
"Broadway here I come" . . . Live wire . . . 
Accomplished in numerous fields. 

Orchesis '57-'58 ; Orchesis Council \56-'58; Danc- 
ing All-Star '57; Y.D.C. '56-'57; Sigma Pi .llpha 
\5fi-'58; Glee Club '56-'58; Vocal Ensemble '57-'58; 
Belles Staff '56-'.57; Editor of Muse '57-\58; Dra- 
matics Club '56-'58; Senior Class Prophet; Circle 
'57-'-58 ; Hall Counselor '57-*58; Mu. 

Joan Patricia DuBose 

Whimsical . . . "Vail" 

Arden, N. C. 

. Chemistry "potlner" 
. . .Close contact with the infirmary . . . A wonder- 
ful listener . . . Sweet and unassuming. 

Stake Coach Staff '56-'58; Belles Staff '56-\58; 
Altar Guild '5()-'.58 ; Y.D.C. '56-'58; Dramatics 
Club '56-'58; Sigma. 




"The Marines have landed" 
.... Gets her hicks in lab . 
. . . "Are you satis fed?" . . 

Asheboro, N. C. 
. . Sweat the Madame 
. The profile . . . Elvis 
Good sense of humor. 

Y.D.C. '55-'58; Y.W.C.A. '55-'56; Canterbury Club 
'55-'56; Altar Guild '57-'58; Belles Staff '55-'58; 
Doctors' Daughters' Club "55-'58, Vice-President 
'56-\57, President '57-'S8 ; Mu. 

Mary Frances Hodges Edmunds 

Rocky Mount, N. C. 
Modem art and classical music . . . Pictured sipping 
'champagne on the French Riviera . . . Job-hunter 
. . . Conversationalist . . . Affectionate. 
Belles Staff '56-'58; Y.D.C. '56-'57; Altar Guild 
'57-'58; Canterbury Club '56-'57; Sigma. 

Emeline Dioges Elmore Suffolk. Va. 

Happy-go-lucky . . . Always on her way to the 
Toddle House or a flick . . . Unaffected . . . Mink 
for the Veep . . . "Where's Sally?" 
Belles Staff' '56-'58; Vice-President of Senior Class 
'57-'58; Altar Guild '57-'58; Choir '57-'58; Basket- 
ball Team \57-'58; Y.D.C. '57-'58; Dramatics Club 
'5(i-'57 ; Nominating' Committee '57-'58; Sigma. 

Millie Frances Farv 

Individual nature . . . 

work and play . . 

Champion knitter . 


Mu Cheerleader '55 

'55-'57; Y.D.C. '55 

Manila. Philippines 

. A girl who finds time for 

4 long way from home . . . 

. A way with children . . . 

'58 ; Orchesis '55-58 ; Y.W.C.A. 

'57; Y.R.C. '57-'58, Treasurer 
'56-'57, Vice-President '57-'58; Nominating Com- 
mittee '55-'56; Belles Staff '55-'57; Stage Coach 
Staff '55-'58; Choir '56-'58; Crueifer '57-'58 ; Let- 
ter Club '57-'58; Swimming All-Star '56-'57; Sec- 
retary of Sophomore Class '55-'56; Senior Little 
Store '57-'58; Hall Counselor '57-'58 ; Vice-Presi- 
dent of Mus '57-'58; Altar Guild '57-'58; Drama- 
tics Club '57-'58; Circle '57-'58; Mu. 

Mary Hannah Finch Tliomasville. N. C. 

"Fuzzy" . . . Durham bound . . . Friendly . . . "Oh, 
Y'awl" . . . Gypsy earrings . . . "Tell it." 
Dance Marshal '56-'57; Dramatics Club '56-'57; 
Glee Club '56-'57; Ensemble \56-'57; Belles Staff 
'56-'58; Altar Guild '57-'58; Soccer All-Star '57- 
'58; Y.D.C. '57-'58; Stage Coach Staff \57-'58; 
Choir '57-'58; Mu. 

Michael Eaule Gardner Greensboro, N. C. 

"Ring out the Belles" . . . Deadlines . . . Goonie 
bird . . . Unhiding personality . . . Capable and 

Belles Staff \56-'58, Editor '57-'58; Hall Counselor 
'57-'58; Orchesis '5(i-'58; Mu Cheerleader '56-'58, 
Head Cheerleader '57-'58; Y.D.C. '5(>-'57; Dra- 
matics Club '56'-'57; Circle '57-'58; Sigma Pi Alpha 
'56-'58; Peg 0' My Heart T>7; Mav Day '56-'58: 


Virginia Bard Gatlinc 

Norfolk. Va. 

Burning the midnight oil . . . Energetic . . . "Noiv 
really, how xcas I to know?" . . . Underestimates 

her abilities . . . Friendly . . . Worry hug. 

Y.W.C.A. \56-'57; Y.R.C. '56-'57j Glee Club '56- 
'57; Belles Staff '56-'58; Orchesis '56-'58; Altar 
Guild '56-'S8; Granddaughters' Club '56-'S8; May 

Day '56-'58; Sigma. 

Sally Anne Greene Charlotte, N. C. 

"Blur ryes" . . . Tea and crumpets . . . "Where's 
Emetine?" . . . "Per/ ()' My Heart" . . . "Let's 
flick it." 

Dramatics Club '56-'58. President '57-'58; Peg <)' 
My Heart '57; The Heiress '58; Belles Staff '57- 
'58; Sigma. 

Henrietta McWillie Giiieh Greenwood, S. C. 

"Retta" . . . Sophisticated look . . . Cheshire cat 
smirk . . . "} a'll I'll he so glad" . . . Pur/ nose. 

V.D.C. '56-'58; Stage Coach Staff '57-'58; Hall 
Counselor '57-'58; Mu. 

Mary Elizabeth Hamme 
Peggy . . . Uninhibited . 

Oxford. N. C. 

Oxford drawl . . . 
Party doll . . . Mathematical mind of a scientist. 

Dramatics Club '56-58; Belles Staff '56-\58; Bas- 
ketball Team '56-'57; Volleyball Team '56-'57; 
Stage Coach Staff '5(>-'57; Mu. 

Anne Lancaster Hardin Hendersonville, N. C. 

"Little teddy hear" . . . Always ready for a party 
. . . Efficient . . . The Knitting Xook . . . Bit/ hark 
and no bite . . . Playful. 

Y.R.C. '56-'58; Belles Staff '56-'57; Stage Coach 
Staff '57-'58; Choir '57-'58; Staff '57-'58; 
Altar Guild '57-'58; Acolyte '57-'58; Hall Coun- 
selor '57-'58; Sigma. 

Susan Lane Hardin Wilmington. N. C. 

"Brown-eyed Susan" . . . Xatural . . . Mathematical 
genius . . . Boating at the yacht cluh . . . Out of the 
ordinary . . . Swimmer. 

Granddaughters' Club '5(>-'58; Outstanding Swim- 
mer '56-'57; Swimming All-Star '56-'57; Nomi- 
nating Committee '56-'57; Hall Counselor '57-'58; 
Senior Little Store '57-'58; Afu. 



Barbara Eileen Hauser Fayetteville, N. C. 

"Hauser" . . . Barbara's Barber Shop . . . Modera- 
tion In All Things . . . Loved By Little Ones . . . 
A Generous, Understanding Friend . . . Quick Wit. 

Canterbury Club '56-'S7; Stage Coach Staff '57- 
'58; Belles Staff '56-'S7, Cartoonist '57-'5H; Glee 
Club '5o'-'58; Dramatics Club '5(i-'57; Y.D.C. 
'56-'58; Hall Counselor '57-'58; Muse Staff '57- 
'58; Y.W.C.A. '57'58; Senior Class Prophet; Mu. 

Nancy Page Hopkins 

"Pee flee" . . . Imp . . 
men Prefer Blondes . 

Lynchburg, Va. 

. One Reason Why Gentle- 
. Always Into Something 
. . . Sunny . . . Nonchalant . . . "Jenny !" . . . 

Chief Dance Marshal '57-'58; Orchesis '57-'58; 
Stage Coach Staff '56'58; Belles Staff '57-'58 ; 
Altar Guild '57-'58; Dramatics Club '57-'58; Ma. 

Dorothy Dumville Hulick Raleigh, N. C. 

The Model Student . . . IVell Groomed . . . Quiet 
In A Crozcd — Talkative With Two . . . Serious 
. . . Constantly Likable. 

Glee Club '56-'58; Sigma Pi Alpha '56-'58 ; Mu. 

Charlotte Ann Hunt 

Oxford, N. C. 

Sign of Good Taste . . . One In Every Port . . . 
Passion For Shoes and Hats . . . Always Agreeable 
. . . Smart-Looks and Brains. 

Granddaughters' Club '56"-'57; Y.W.C.A. '56-'57; 
Belles Staff '57-'58 ; Senior Little Store '57-'58; 
Altar Guild '57-'58 ; Sigma. 

Louise Grady Johnson Burgaw, X. C. 

"Lou Grady" . . . Her Conversation Sparkles Like 
Champagne . . . Gracious Interest In Others . . . 
Famous For Her Contacts . . . Southern ('harm. 

Dramatics Club '56-'58 ; Peg 0' My Heart '56-'57; 
Y.D.C. '56-'58; Belles Staff '56-'58, Exchange 
Editor '57-'58; Choir '5(i-'57; Altar Guild '5fi-'58; 
Marshal '57-'58; Chairman of Legislative Body 
'57-'58; Mu Cheerleader '56-'58; Hall Counselor 
'57-'58 ; Mu. 

Louise Judson Jones Raleigh, N. C. 

Genuine . . . Very domestic . . . Darling dimples 
. . . Always on the job . . . Warm heart that shines 
through her face . . . Dignified. 

Honor Council '56-'57; President of Day Students 
'57-'58; Belles Staff '57-'58; Stage Coach Staff 
'57-'58; Legislative Body '57-'58; Sigma Pi Alpha 
'5(i-'58; Y.D.C. '57-'58 ;" Circle '57-'58; Mu. 



Judith Ann Keller Thompson Raleigh, N. C. 

"Judy" . . . If our long phone conversations . . . 
The Rat . . . "Isn't that cute?" . . . ('an debate on 
many subjects. 

Stage Coach Staff "55-'56; Belles Staff '56-57; 
Y.D.C. '5b*-"57; Hall Counselor '57-'58; Altar 
Guild '57-58; Sigma. 

Elizabeth Gadsden Lee 

Sumter, S. C. 

"Bette" . . . "Blithe Spirit" . . . New diet every 
week . . . Cheese crackers . . . Little girl with a 
husky voice . . . The essence of friendliness . . . 
Clever comebacks. 

Altar Guild '57-'58; Y.D.C. '56-58; Belles Staff 
*57-'58 ; Senior Little Store '57-'58 ; Sigma. 

Sara Majorie Lewis Asheville, N. C. 

Sally . . . Thought is deeper than all speech . . . 
Talented . . . Asheville School . . . Friendly . . . The 
humor and wit of genius . . . Intellectual . . . Ir- 
repressible wit and jollity . . . Etude . . . Mother 
to all stray cats and dogs . . . Curious. 

Glee Club '56-'58; Ensemble '56-'58; Choir '57-'58; 
Senior Little Store '57-'58; Y.D.C. '56-*57; Sigma 
Pi Alpha '56-'58; Stage Coach Staff "57-'58 ; Mu. 

Joy Teeter Little 


X. C. 

Roving eyes . . . Gypsy dancer . . . Coy . . . "Crow, 
Crow, bring me a co, co" . . . Boy crazy — one in 
particular . . . Intriguing look. 

Dramatics Club \56-'57; Orchesis '56-'58 3 Secre- 
tary-Treasurer, '57-'58; Stage Coach Staff '57-'58; 
Belles Staff *57-'58; May Day '56-'58; Sigma. 

Helen Renfrow London Pittsboro, N. C. 

Sharp enuff but — . . . Loves to party . . . A whale 
of a girl . . . Pepsodent smile . . . Affable . . . 
Phone calls. 

Vice-President of Class \55-\56, Secretary of Class. 
'56-'57; Canterbury Club '55-'58; Granddaughters' 
Club \55-'58 ; Choir '56-*58; Nominating Committee 
'56-*57; Y.D.C. \55-'57; Y.W.C.A. '55-'58; Altar 
Guild \57-'58; Hall Counselor '57-*58; May Day 
'56-'57; Dramatics Club '57-'58; Acolyte *57-'58; 

Ellen Bv'rd Love 

Blackstone. Va. 

"Love Byrd" . . . Subtle . . . Striking appearance 
. . . Inquisitive as a squirrel . . . Always impeccably 
dressed . . . "/ don't know — really y'all" . . . Mystic 

Belles Staff '56-*57; Hall Counselor *57-'58; Altar 
Guild '57-'58; Y.D.C. '5G-'57; Sigma. 


Linda Gail Lunsford Clarksville, Ga. 

Dixie belle . . . The all American girl . . . Live- 
wire personality . . . Enthusiasm for everything 
she does . . . Follower of the hong Gray Line . . . 
Day dreamers . . . Sincere . . . Worry bird . . . 
"Lucky Linda Lunsford." 

Y.D.C. '57-'58; Choir '57-'58; Belles Staff '57-58; 
Stage Coach '57-'58; Secretary of Hall Council 
'57-'58; Circle '57-'58, Treasurer '57-'5K ; Orchesis 
'57-'58; Mu Cheerleader '57-'58; Hall Counselor 
'57-'58; Mu. 

Sybil Neat Mathis St. Augustine, Fla. 

"The Brain" . . . Brownie . . . Always knitting in 
class . . . "Get me a blind date with — , please" 
. . . Happy and peppy . . . Steaks for dinner . . . 
. . . More homework, please! 

Glee Club *56-'57; Sigma Pi Alpha '5G-'58; Dra- 
matics Club '55-'57; Canterbury Club '55-*56; 
Belles Staff *55-'57; Y.W.C.A. '55-'58; Altar Guild 
*57-*58; Orchesis '55-'58; Y.D.C. '55-'58; Acolyte 
'57-'58; Hockey Team '56-'58 ; Choir '56-*58 ; 
Swimming All-Star '57-'58; Letter Club '57-*58; 

Lois Hazlehurst Middleton Sumter, S. C. 

"Babe" . . . Southern drawl . . . Lackadaisical . . . 
Gracious . . . "Look at it the positive way" . . . Note 

Y.D.C. '56-'57; Altar Guild "5(J-'58; Belles Staff 
'56-58; Hall Counselor '57-'58; Stage Coach 
Staff '57-'58; Senior Little Store '57-'58 ; Swim- 
ming Team '56-57; Sigma. 

Rachel Sue Minich Ilaleigli, N. C. 

Talkative . . . Envied for her curly hair . . . She 

studies her lessons . . . Candid . . . A nib it ion to 

take her places. 

Belles Staff '57-*58 ; Senior Little Store '57-\58; 


Mary Hill Moffit Lexington, N. C. 

"Ain't .sharp enough" . . . Carolina party doll . . . 
Almond-shaped eyes . . . Pixie nose . . . Impish . . . 

Belles Staff '56-'57; Sigma Cheerleader *56-'58 ; 
Sigma Pi Alpha *56-*58 ; Altar Guild '57-*58; Hall 
Counselor \57-\58 ; Marshal \57-'58; Granddaugh- 
ters' Club '56-58 ; Sigma. 

Amanda Hancock Morris Sant'ord, N. C. 

"Mandy" . . . Tiny . . . "Who can I fall in love 
t&ith 'this' week?" . . . Lectures and concerts . . . 
Long hours at the bridge table . . . Booming voice. 
Altar Guild \57-*58 ; Y.D.C. '56-58] Mu. 


Jessie Anne Morris 

Richmond, Va. 

. . Blonde curly 

Precious as (/old . . . Dependable 

locks . . . Squeezing money out of seniors is next 

to the impossible — but she did! . . . Ego booster. 

Glee Club '56-'57; Y.D.C. '56-'57; Belles Staff 
'56-'58j Business Manager '57-'58; Choir '5fi-'58; 
Treasurer of Class 'S7-'58 ; Sigma. 

Sarah Hailk Mustard Wilmington, N. C. 

"Sally" . . . Spontaneous laughter . . . Red shoes 
. . . Naive, "Who, me?" . . . Scatter brained? 
maybe not. 

Altar Guild '56-'58; Doctors' Daughters' Club 
'56-'58; Biology Lab Assistant '57-'58; Mu. 

Florence Elizabeth McGowan Franklin. Va. 

"Flossie" . . . Charming way about her . . . Artistic 
and intelligent . . . Ever ready to help . . . 

Glee Club \5(>-'58 ; Ensemble \56-'58 ; Stage Coach 
Staff '56-'57; Hall Counselor '57-'58; Mu Cheer- 
leader '56-'58: Mu. 

Emily- Zellars McNeill Laurinburg. N. C. 

"Emmie" . . . Southern sense of humor . . . Sym- 
pathetic ears . . . Slozc and easy going — especially 
ichen she talks . . . Domestic. 

Belles Staff '56-'57: S 


Virginia Lee McPherson Littleton. Nf. C. 

"Ginny" . . . Weenie . . . Pixie face and a pony 
tail . . . Changeable . . . Observer paper girl . . . A 
most rare and peculiar giggle. 

Canterbury Club '55-56} Dramatics Club "55-'o(>; 
Belles Staff \55-'58; Stage Coach Staff '56-'58j 
Y.D.C. \55-'58; Y.W.C.A. '55-'57; Choir \57-'58; 

Anne Brooks Newton 

"Brookie" . . . Dry wii 

Southport. X. C. 

. I ndividual sarcasm 
. . . Soprano voice . . . Ambition — telephone 
operator . . . Gregarious . . . Thunders of laughter. 

Glee Club '56-'58; Choir '56-'58. President '57-'58; 
Sigma Pi Alpha '56-\58; President '57-'58; En- 
semble '56-'58; Granddaughters' Club '56-'58; 
Stage Coach Staff '57-'58; Director of Senior 
Follies \57-'58; Mu. 



Dorothy Overbeck Fayetteville, N. C. 

"Dot" . . . "Overbite" . . . Beady for fun anytime 
. . . Cool dancing Mama . . . Keeps us in stitches 
. . . Blase ■ ■ ■ Sleeps around the clock. 
Belles Start' '57-'58, Assistant Editor '57-'58; May 
Day '56-'58; Orehesis '57-'58; Orchesis Council 
'57-'58; Y.D.C. '56-'58; Y.R.C. '56-'58; Dramatics 
Club '57-'58; Softball All-Star '56-'57; Letter 
Club '57-'58; Sigma. 

Clara Louise Pennington Broailnax, Va. 

"Ease" . . . Happy-go-lucky . . . Count to sid- . . . 
Variety . . . Nonchalant . . . That "vogue" look. 
Belles Staff '57-'58; Glee Club '56-'S7; Dance 
Marshal '56-'57; Maid of Honor, May Court '57- 
'58; Marshal '57-'58 ; Stage Coach Staff '56-57; 

Catherine Leiding Rakestraw Atlanta, Ga. 

Talks on any subject . ■ ■ Lazy A's . . . Refreshing 
without filling . . . The driest wit . . . Mastermind 
— of her own . . . Never worries. 
Belles Staff '56-'57; Y.D.C. '56-'58 ; Orehesis 
'57-'58; Sigma Pi Alpha 'r>(i-'58; Mu. 

Margaret Beatrice Rkid Raleigh. N. C 

Always on the job . . . Unusual beauty . . . Tiny 
. . . Bridge . . . 

Hall Counselor '57-'58; Y.D.C. '57-58; Stage 
Coach Start' '57-'58; Sigma. 

Sarah McNeill Rembert Columbia, S. C 

"Sallie" . . . Parties make the world go round 
. . . "You don't mean it!" . . . "What, me worry?" 
. . . Crazy and unaffected . . . Nonchalant. 
Belles Staff '55-58, Feature Editor '57-'58;Y.D.C. 
'55-'56; Y.W.C.A. '55-'56; Vice-President of 
Junior Class '56-'57; Sigma Pi Alpha '56-'58; 
Granddaughters' Club '56-'57; Hall Counselor 
'57-'58; Choir '57-'58; Stage Coach Staff '57-'58. 
Art Editor '57-'58; Senior Little Store '57-'58; 

Cordelia Richards Rouinson Littleton, N. C. 

"Dickie" . . . Miss Dior . . . "I'm so excited I ean'l 
stand it" . . . New times, new' taste . . . (iino's . . . 
Dark, mysterious smile . . . Always friendly . . . 
Consistent and on the job . . . A friend indeed. 
Beacon '55-'56; Dance Marshal '55-'56; Y.W.C.A. 
'55-'57; Y.D.C. \55-'57; Belles Staff '55-'58; May 
Court '55-'58; Basketball Team '55-'58, Captain 
'57-'58; Sigma Pi Alpha '56-'58; Circle '57-'58; 
President '57-'58; Honor Council '5(i-'.58; Vice- 
President of Student Government '57-'58; Legis- 
lative Body '57-'58; Altar Guild '57-'58; Belles 
Start '56-57, News Editor '56-'57; Hall Counselor 
'57-'58; Constitution Committee '57-'58; Sir/ma. 



Nancy Jeffress Rodwell Henderson, N. C. 

Skiing in the Alps . . . Expert on giving advice . . . 

Punch d run/, 

. . . Placid. 

Belles Staff '57-'S8; Y.I>.( 

/ day dreamer . . . "You Know' 
5(i-'57; Mu. 

Frances Ann Rountree Greensboro, N. C. 

"Tree" . . . Piercing brown eyes . . . "Don't ya see?" 
. . . Attractive appearance . . . Get up and go of a 
class president . . . Perfectionist . . . Sit/ma Chi. 
Legislative Body '56-58; Belles Staff '56-'58 ; 
President of Senior Class '57-'58 ; Alumni Secre- 
tary for Class of '58 '57-58; Circle '57-58; Altar 
Guild '57-58; Choir \57-'58; Hall Counselor "57- 
'58; Dramatics Club '56-57; May Court '57-'58; 

Sally Anne Royle Elkina Park. Pa. 

Fast tlii nicer . . . "I'm not going to sing Dixie" 
. . . A way with words . . . Devilish . . . Yankee 
. . . Vivacious . . . Pony tail. 

Y.R.C. '56-58; Y.W.C.A. '56-58; Altar Guild 
'57-'58; Hockey Team '56-57; Soccer Team '57- 
'58; Stage Coach Staff '57-'58; Nominating Com- 
mittee '57-'58; Sigma. 

Sue Carol Sandlin Raleigh. N. C. 

Melodious voice . . . "But, Sir!" . . . On her way to 
the Met . . . Bouncy walk. 

Glee Club '56-'58. President '57-58; Ensemble 
'56-'58; Belles Staff '57-'58; Y.D.C. '56-*57; Hall 
Counselor '57-'5S; Dramatics Club '56-*57; Sigma. 

Julia Anne Scott 

"Judy" . . . Casual 

Richmond, Va. 

The intellectual pixie . . , 

" If'ho, me?" . . . R/ch mond Belle . . . Sachs on 
every rainy day . . . Graceful walk . . . Individual- 
istic . . . Xot a dumb blonde. 

Hall Counselor "57-*58 ; May Day '55-58; Sigma 
Cheerleader '56-58; Sigma Pi Alpha '56-'58; 
Soccer Team '57-58; Altar Guild "57-'58; Editor of 
the Handbook '57-58; Legislative Body "57-'58; 
Constitution Committee '57-'58; Stage Coach Staff 
'57-58 ; Orchesis '57-58 ; Sigma. 

Ann Prince Shepherd Charleston. W. Va. 

"Shep" . . . Friend to all who know her worth . . . 
Modest . . . A joy forever . . . Always a good 
sport . . . Shy . . . Little feet. 

Belles Staff '57-*58; Stage Coach Staff '56-'58; 
Dramatics Club '56-58, Secretary '57-58; Peg 0' 
My Heart" '57; Hall Counselor *57-'58; Muse 
Staff '57-'58; Crucifer \57-'5S; Altar Guild '57-'58; 
Senior Honor Council Representative "57-'58; Cir- 
cle '57-58; Our Town '58; Co-Director of Senior 
Follies '57-58; Sigma. 



M arianna Atherton Sink Lexington, N. C. 

The joker is wild . . . Fun loving . . . Blue Cadillac 
. . . Unaffected nature . . . "Like this" . . . Little girl. 

Y.D.C. '56-'58; Softball Team '56-'57; Sigma. 

Shirley Grace Smith Greensboro, N. C 

Subtle humor . . . Frank . . . Our water baby . . 
Conscientious . . . Intriguing . . . Composed . . 
The motherly type . . . Mysterious beauty. 

Honor Council '56-'58; Dramatics Club '56-'57 
Y.W.C.A. '56-'57; Y.R.C. '56-'58; Y.D.C. '56-'57 
Softball Team '56-'57; Swimming Instructor '57 
'58; Nominating Committee '5(i-'57; Choir '57-'58 
Secretary of Student Government '57-'58; Circh 
'57-'58; Hall Counselor '57-'58 ; Mu. 

Polly Kelly Starbuck Raleigh, N. C 

The essence of elegance .. . New York trips . . 
Animated . . . Hands with that Ivory look . . 
Chauffeur service . . . Queenly type. 

Belles Staff '57-'58 ; Stage Coach Staff '56-'58 
Altar Guild '57-'58 ; Dance Marshal '56-'58; 

Nancy Jean Sltllivan Columbus, Ga. 

Playgirl . . . "I hear you" . . . Evil chuckle . . . 
Smooth . . . Forever in a mischievous mood . . . 
Studious aspect but a demon at heart . . . Not the 
modest type. 

Dramatics Club '55-'57; Peg ()' My Heart '57; 
Y.W.C.A. '55-'57; Y.D.C. '55-' 58; Belles Staff 
'56-'58; Basketball Team '56-'58; Sigma. 

Janice Lynn Sutton Fayetteville, N. C. 

Let's play telephone . . . The world is coming to an 
end . . . Gullible . . . Those eyes! . . . "Yeah?" 

Belles Staff '56-'57; Glee Club '56-'57; May Day 
'56-'57; Stage Coach Staff '5(i-'57; Basketball 
Team '57-'58; Sigma. 

Mary Ann Tayloe 

Washington, N. C. 

"Tayloe" . . . Funny? . . . Hilarious . . . Witty ■ . . 
Jokes . . . Down on the river . . . Paper pin . . . 
Popular . . . Tall tales of wild week ends . . . 

Hall Counselor '57-'58 ; Belles Staff '56-'58; Altar 
Guild '57-58; Granddaughters' Club '56-'58; Doc- 
tor's Daughters' Club '56-'58; Nominating Com- 
mittee '57-'58; Y.D.C. '56-'57; Senior Class 
Testator \57-'58 ; Sigma. 



Katrina Crapon Tiedeman Silver Spring. Md. 
"Kit" . . . Sportsmanship . . . Summer school . . . 
"Cig queen" . . . Where's my lighter?' . . . Beach! 
. . . Tweeds . . . School spirit . . . "IV ell, lemme see 
now. . . ." 

Y.D.C. '55-'58, Secretary-Treasurer '56-57, Presi- 
dent '57-'58; Glee Club' '55-'56; Altar Guild '57- 
'58; Stage Coach Staff '56-'58; Belles Staff '56- 
'57; Cigarette Manager '57-'58 ; Choir '55-'58; 
Legislative Body '50-'57; Letter Clul) '56-'58; Vice- 
President of Sit/mas '56-'57, President of Sigmas 
'57-'58; Hall Counselor '57-'58; All-Star Teams: 
Hockey '57, Softball '56-'57, Soccer '57, Volleyball 
'57; Mozart Festival '55-'56; Nominating Com- 
mittee '56-'57; Dramatics Club '56-'57; Ensemble 
'56-'57; Circle '57-'58; Sigma. 

Harrietts Elizabeth Vann Benson, N. C. 

"Honey" . . . Campbell College . . . Hood Sport . . . 
"lied" . . . Happy and free from care . . . Easy to 
(let to know . . . Dependable. 

Basketball All-Star '56-'58 ; Volleyball Team '56- 
'57; Soccer Team '57-\58; Y.D.C. '56-'58; Dra- 
matics Club \56-'57; Letter Club '57-'58; Belles 
Staff '56-'58; Sit/ma. 

Virginia Lee Vann Dunn, N. C. 

Meditative . . . Reliable and conscientious . . . 

Soft spoken and mild . . . [leather . . . Summer 


Y.W.C.A. '56-'58; Belles Staff '57-'58; Y.D.C. 

"57-'58 ; Sigma. 

Elizabeth Vass Van Waoenen Miami. I'la. 

"Betty fan" . . . Dresden doll ... .1 true and gentle 
lady . . . Indespensable and demure . . . Her 
virtues are many ; her faults are few . . . Poise and 

Altar Guild '56-'58; Granddaughters' Club '56-'58; 
Dramatics Club '5(5-'57; Stage Coach Staff '57- 
'58; Hall Counselor '57-'58; Nominating Committee 
'57-'58; Mu. 

Marion Caldwell Verner Brevard, N. C. 

Mountains . . . "All grades of Things" . . . Bowling 
. . . Duke . . . Amiability . . . Nonchalant . . . Hill- 
billy ■ ■ . Never lacking for somethings to say. 
Y.D.C. '55'58; Glee Club '55-'58; Dramatics Club 
'57-'58; Belles Staff '5S-'58; Y.W.C.A. '56-'57; 
Ensemble '57-58 ; Sigma. 

Greensboro, N. C. 

ve certainly did en- 

Rebecca Irene Walters 

"Becky" . . . "Thank you, 

joy — " . . . Assemblies . . . Good nature and good 

sense are ever joined . . . Capable . . . Modesty is the 

life of her,- friendliness is her theme. 

Treasurer of Junior Class '56-'57; Belles Staff 56- 

'57; Volleyball Team '56-'57; Assembly Chairman 

'57-'58; Altar Guild '57-'58; Belles Staff '57-'58; 

Soccer Team \57-'58; Basketball '57'58; Hall 

Counselor '57-'58 ; Nominating Committee '56-'57; 




Patricia Anne Watson Raleigh, N. C. 

"Pat" . . . The intellectual model . . . Congeniality 
. . . Ha/r accessories . . . Always ready for fun . . . 
Always willing to help . . . Castanets. 

Glee Club '56-'58; Ensemble *57-'58; Y.D.C. '56- 
'57; Belles Staff '56-'58; Stage Coach Staff '57- 
'58; Dramatics Club '56-'57; Sigma. 

Jenny Lee Whitehurst 

Bethel, N. C. 

Argyles . . . Fasci- 

soul to dare . . . 

. . Sack queen . . . 

Fashion plate . . . S.P.C.A. . . . 
noting . • . Dry wit . . . The 
"Bridge player . . . Prankster . 
Blush . . . Sarcasm plus. 

Orchesis '55-'58; Y.D.C. \55-'58; Marshal *57-'58; 
Basketball All-Star \55-"58; Letter Club '56-*58; 
Basketball Team '57-'58, Captain '57-'58; Belles 
Staff '56-'58; Stage Coach Staff '5G-'58; Dra- 
matics Club '56-'57; President of Mm* '57-'58; Mu. 

Margaret Etheredge Withers Columbia, S. C. 

"Peggy" . . . Post office . . . Pumpkin pie . . . That 
ridiculous laugh . . . S We eta . . . The will to do 
. . . A little nonsense. 

Belles Staff \56-'58; Dramatics Club '5,6-58 J May 
Day '56*-'58; Choir Mother '57-'58 ; Altar Guild 
'57-'58; Hall Counselor '57-'58 ; Bookstore and 
Post Office Assistant '57-'58; Sigma. 

Lucy Lynn Wooten 

Fayetteville, N. C. 

Sharp as a tack . . . Fruit juice and fir/ newtons 
. . . "Can't wait till next year" . . . Carefree and 
happy . . . "I've stopped smoking again" . . . 

Belles Staff '57-'58 ; Altar Guild '57-'5K; Hall 
Counselor '57-'58; Granddaughters' Club '57-'58; 

Cynthia Spencer Young 

Columbus, Ga. 

"Sis" . . . "The South shall rise again" . . . 
Sophisticated Lady . . . Any kind of party . . . 
Fun loving . . . The charm of a Southern lady . . . 
Deserving of the finest. 

Y.D.C. '56-'57; Altar Guild \57-\58; Belles Staff 
'56-'58j Secretary of Senior Class '57-'58; Mu. 

Dunn. N. C. 

Jean Roberta Young 

Brown-eyed belle . . 
there . . . Reserved . . . 
her possessions 

Belles Staff f 57- SB ; Altar Guild '57'58; Y.D.C 
'57-'58; Mu. 

. . Fun, frolic and glee are 
. Cheerful . . . Generous with 
Pleasant in manner. 







* i 






^^J~~ hf 

1 ^ 

Hit it\ 1 










School Spirit 











Senior Class Prayer 

s „ forth into more mature life, grunt that the footprints which 

Our Heavenly Father, who art the source of life and light, grant we 
pray that we may be better persons for having benefited by all that St. 
Mary's lias so freely and graciously offered us and by the best we have 
given in return, and that we may share with others the joy of our 

As we go 
we leave behind may be a worthy guide to those who follow; and that our 
gratitude for our teachers may inspire a deep appreciation in those who 
will continue to receive of their abundance. We pray that knowledge we 
have gained may enrich our lives, and that the friendships we have made 
may remain in our memories, and that the prayers and praises of our 
worship as one family may bless us wherever we may be. All this we ask 
for Christ's sake. AMEN. 

Millie Fary 

Senior ("lass Poem 

We came and warmed to the smiles wc found 

Upon her many faces. 
In her halls friendship and quiet love 

Came to us and dwelled. 
In her chapel wc learned to know God 

And know ourselves. 
Each hand lias gathered and shared of the 

Good things she gave — 

(Jifts from heart and mind. 

She has taught us and the world of today has 

Trusted us to learn. 
We have lit our tiny candles from the warm glow 

Of her heart, 
From the bright Hamc of her mind. 

We hold them high and leave 

To light new worlds. 

Dorothy Hulick 

Last Will and Testament 

County of Wake 

City of Raleigh 

We, the Senior Class of 11)58 of St Mary's Junior 
College, being of sound minds and beautiful bodies, tear- 
ful of leaving, have come to the realization that St. Mary's 
is losing its foremost leaders and most outstanding 
girls. In all fairness to the school we think it only right 
to bequeath the following artieles, knowing full well that 
St. Mary's could not possibly function without them. 

Article I. 

To Dr. Stone we leave our undying gratitude plus a 
million dollar cheek for internal improvements around 
the school. 

To Miss Richardson we leave our love for lur interest 
in each and every one of us plus a used coffee urn from 
the Toddle House. 

To Miss Jones we leave our thanks and admiration 
for her guidence through the year plus a lantern to 
guide her on her nightly rambles. 

To the Facutly and Staff we leave our appreciation 
for their futile efforts to see us through St. Mary's plus 

an air-conditioned, sound proof recreation room, fully 
equipped with children's games. 

And to St. Mary's we leave our love for "she has 
cared for her daughters full well" and in addition we 
leave to her an electronic escalator system. 

Article II. 

And we, the crew : 

I, Jessie Allen, leave my unusual ability to keep order 
and my day by day calendars of all important events to 
Louise Landauer who can certainly use them. 

I. Nancy Atkinson, leave my All Bran to anyone who 
desperately needs it. 

I, Mary B alms en j leave without signing out. 

I, Mary Bailey. leave my hard earned achievements in 
modern dance to Eleanor Bullock. 

I. Boo Baker, leave still hoping my check will come 

I. Carol Barber, leave my renown name in the sports 
world to Lettie Estridge. 

I. Joan Barber, leave still sweating exams. 

I. Sara Barber, leave an ink stain on the wall. 

I. Marie Barnes, leave my meek and seldom heard 
voice to Liza Southhall. 

I. Sully Barnes, leave to light the world! 

I. Jane Bellamy, leave without a (•.•ire 

I. Elizabeth Blake, leave my smooth walk to Georgia 

1. Jane Brady, leave my wifey disposition and looks 
to Nellie Holmes Ballou, with best wishes. 

I, Betty Bundy, leave my collection of twice-told talcs 
to Miss Jones lor use in American Literature next year. 

I. Annie Gray Calhoun, leave my correspondent course 
with Dorothy Dix to Mary Jane Pemberton. 

I. Caroline Cobb, leave cheerfully burning "Anchors 
Aweigh," as I go to join the naval fleet in the Pacific. 

I. Nancy Coston, leave my fun loving ways to Bonnie 

I. Margaret Crowson. leave my red camel overalls to 
Jeannette Cross. 

I, Carol Crumpler, leave niv criminal tatics to Molly 

I. Peppy Currie, leave to pose for Ipana Toothpaste 

I, Martha Custis, leave my job as advertising manager 
for the Peanut Capital of the World to Susan Doild. 

I. Chee Davis, leave what's left in my peroxide bottle 
to Cinda Henderson. 

I. Joan Dubose, leave to instruct up and coming lady 

I. Billie Edmondson. leave my school spirit to Blair 

I, Mary Frances Edmunds, leave the phone on second 
l'enick free for Nan Baily's unlimited use next year. 

I. Emeline Elmore, leave the new and modern Penick 
kitchen to Mebane Dowd who might be tired of Holt 
Kitchen by now. 

I, Millie Fary. leave my well-used knitting needles to 
Toni Lonning. 

I, Mary Hannah Finch, leave my curly black hair to 
Kay Washburn. 

I, Michael Gardner, stay to become Mrs. William's 
Art History assistant. 

I, Bard Gatling. leave my tranquil ways to Connie 1 

I, Sally Greene, leave my full skirts and crinolines 
to Dana Borden. 

I. Etetta Grier, leave my Scarlet O'llara drawl to 
Judy Fklgerton. 

I. Peggy Hamme. leave my will-worn lipstick brush to 
Coles Burroughs. 

I, Ann Hardin, leave' all third Holt campused. 

I, Susan Hardin, leave my mathematical mind to 
Dottie Yeamans. 

I, Barbara Hauscr. leave my ability to bruise easily 
to Anne Edens. 

I, Nancy Page Hopkins, have to be a dance marshal 
where they have dances. 

I. Charlotte Hunt, leave with Cobbie to join the 

I. Dorothy Hulick. leave my quiet and meticulous 
ways to Ginny Tyson. 

I, I. on Johnson, leave to start an escort service. 

I. Louise Jones, have the Day Students' room Spic 
and Span. 

I. Judy Thompson, leave for the newest party. 

I. Bette Lee. stay to teach Miss Bason to play the like. 

I. Sally Lewis, leave my large collection of piano 
books including Bach. Chopin. Liszt, and Little Richard, 
to Emily Oulla. 

I. Joy Little, leave my sexy ways to Memric Mosier. 

I. Helen London, leave my whale to Caroline I'inlav. 

I. Byrd Love, have to be the President of tin- Paul 
Newman Fan Club. 

L Linda Lunsford, have, "respectively submitted." 

I. Sybil Mathis. leave still begging for more home- 

I. I.ois Middlcton. leave on a diet, 

I. Sue Minieb. leave to hail a rebellion iii Guatainala. 

I. Mary Hill Moflit. leave my fan to May Eason. 

1. Mandy Morris, leave through the hole in the fence. 

I. Anne Morris, leave to join the French chorus line 
in Paris. 

I. Sally Mustard, leave to teach Kindergarten ill 

I. Florence McGowan. leave to go around the world 
on a Mediterranean viking tow. 

I. Emmie McNeil, leave with a rose on the hack of 
my head. 

I, Ginny McPherson. have to start a sewing nook with 
the rest of Miss Bason's students. 

I, Brooks Newton, leave to reproduce the Ziegfield 

I, Dorothy Overbeck, leave searching with my eves 

I. Ease Pennington, leave with a better knowledge of 
the numerals from one to six. 

I. Catherine Rakestraw, have to become Albert 
Schweitzer's assistant. 

I. Margie Reid, leave to play Poncho Gonzalis in a 
tennis tournament. 

I. Sallie Rembert, leave my face medicine to Cathe- 
rine Church. 

I. Dickie Robinson, leave the Circle torch to the 
Statue of Liberty. 

I. Nancy Rodwell. leave to coach Roy Rogers in riding. 

I. Ann Rountree. leave a chapel cap to each girl on niv 

I. Sally Rovle. leave the South, forever. 

I. Sue Sandlin. leave my well cultivated voice to Ann 

I. Judy Scott, leave my suite in the Faculty House to 
some poor senior counselor. 

I. Ann Sheperd, leave to work in the coal mines in 
West Virginia. 

I. Marianna Sink, leave in Sterling Chadwiek's clothes. 

T. Shirley Smith, swim out. 

I, Polly Starhuck. leave my chauffeuring company to 
Ann Lynch. 

I. Nancy Sullivan, leave at last. 

I. Janice Sutton, leave to teach nuclear physics at 
State College. 

I. Kit Tiedeman, leave to manage Reynold's Tobacco 

I. Honey Vann. leave my outstanding basketball 
ability to Priscilla Brown. 

I. Virginia Vann. leave the bright lights on the campus 
at night to go to a darker atmosphere. 

I. Betty Van Wagenen. leave my <]uiek reasoning 
power to Beverly 

I. Marion Verner. leave to marry Elvis the Pelvis. 

I. Becky Walters, leave still ringing the bell for. as- 
sembly to come to order. 

I. Pat Watson, leave my bun to Kit McLeod. 

I. Jenny Whitehurst. leave my unique ability to write 
D.P.'s in one night and turn in other papers three weeks 
late to Emmie Davis. 

I. Peggy Withers, leave 3rd East to come down to 

I. Lucy Lynn Wooten. leave to sleep after talking all 
night with Dot Johnson and Babs Mace. 

I. Cynthia Young, leave all the books properly ar- 
ranged in the chapel. 

I. Jean Young, leave to marry a man whose name 
starts with ./ cause I'm tired of always being the last 
one on the list. 

We the testators of this literary and historical master- 
piece. Betty Covington and Ann Tayloe. leave because 
we are too cute and smart to stick around. 

Class History 

"We'll Have These Moments to Remember" 

"Jane, isn't it funny how songs bring back memories?" 

"It sure is Jessie, for instance, Time on My Hands. 
That is one thing we didn't have the first week of school 
our Freshman year." 

"We sure didn't. The first day we arrived we were 
kept so busy meeting all the new people and becoming 
acquainted with our roommates. The Old Girl-New 
Girl Parties are always helpful in that respect— and 
fun too !" 

"Don't forget those aptitude tests we worked on all 
that first week, Jane. That was a real brainwashing." 

"JVish You Were Here — If Caesar had been present 
for our assembly program that year, it would really have 
been authentic." 

"Yes, We Have No Bananas." 

"Who needed bananas when we sold hot dogs every 
Tuesday and Thursday nights our first year as the class 

"Yes, and rain or shine we delivered coffee a in) 
doughnuts every Saturday morning our Sophomore year." 

"The Breeze and I — We were really having battles 
with breeze when Hurricane Hazel visited in October, 

"Unforgettable — One unforgettable night was when 
Jessie Allen, Sara Barber, Caroline Cobb, and Dickie 
Robinson were tapped into the Beacon." 
"Dim, Dim the Lights — If only our counselors hail 
hummed that before they came into our rooms after 
curfew, many of us would have been spared quite a few 
campus slips." 

"//' / Had Three Wishes — Jessie, what would you 
want if you had three wishes?" 

"I believe I would wish we could Live some of our 
good times over. First there would be the Thanksgiving 
and Christmas banquets. Will you ever forget those de- 
licious turkey dinners ?" 

"I'd like to relive the night before Christmas vaca- 
tion of our Sophomore year when we had the party in 
Millie Fary's room. Everybody had to pay a fee to come 
— an article of clothing to give to the underprivileged 
children for Christmas. Everyone had to entertain too. 
I know Miss Richardson and I would love to see Celeste 
Fountain Hodges' Country Hick Act again." 

"Let's leave the beatings the Seniors gave us on the 
way to breakfast and also all that terrible Blue Waltz 
perfume out of that wish !" 

"We can't forget our Freshmen-Sophomore Dance that 
first year." 

"The gym looked so pretty decorated as the Temple 
of the Gods." 

"Til I See You Again — Not as a Stranger — both of 
those remind me of the spring of our Freshman year. 
TU I See You Again was echoed through the campus. We 
came back the next year Not as Strangers, but anxious to 
see our old friends and hear all about their summer ex- 
periences. It was wonderful to see the old girls that 
year, and there were new faces in our class too — Helen 
London. Judy Keller, Betty Covington, Sybil Mathis, 
Jenny Whitehurst. Billie Edmondson, Nancy Sullivan, 
Millie Farv. Dickie Robinsion, Sallie Rembert. and 
Ginny McPherson." 

"The Longest Walk in the World — That's from our 
beds to the breakfast table." 

"Remember how we got up early enough to primp the 
first week of school our Freshman year. What a mad rush 
it was the other years to get to breakfast by 7:30 after 
getting up at 7:29." 

"Please, Mr. Sun." 

"Many times Sara Barber was heard chanting this 
song on the sun porch." 

"Th e Co ntinental Touch." 

"Oil yes, Jessie, Millie Fary gave our class that con- 
tinental touch from the Philippines." 

"Slipping and Sliding — It was a free for all when 
the Sigma-Mu Athletic Clubs chose teams. We were 
slopping and sliding all over the floor after half of us 
had been thrown in the swimming pool." 

"IVrite Me a Letter — That has been the cry around 
the mailboxes ever since we arrived." 

"Walking in Style — Oh, Jane, will you ever forget 
our fashion show when we showed all the different styles 
up to the Nineteenth Century?" 

"April in Paris — We created our own April in Paris 
in the gym for our annual dance." 

"I'm Confessing." 

"That's Hall Council, Sister!" 

"Sh-h-h Boom — That sound echoed down the halls 
every Tuesday afternoon when we had chemistry lab. 
But Dr. Brown never lost his patience with us." 

"He was our class advisor for two years. I don't see 
how we could have done without his help." 

"Wanted — That was the old cry on Sunday mornings 
in hopes that a maid would hear, as we gave our rooms 
their weekly cleaning." 

"The Sand and the Sea — That song will always re- 
mind me of those fabulous week ends at Wrightsville, 
Myrtle, Morehead, Pauley's or Nag's Head." 

"./ Pretty Girl Is Like a Melody — Our class was well 
represented in the May Court our Sophomore year by 
Dickie Robinson. May Day was fun for all of us, 
especially for those in the dances." 

"Bezcitched, Bothered, and Bewildered." 

"I know what you're thinking of. How mixed up we 
were around our exam times. It's Three O'Cloek in the 
Morning goes along with thai. We could have sung 
that as we were cramming for exams — in closets of 

"Graduation Time — Well, Jessie, even though gradua- 
tion time is a happy time, it was sad to think of our 
friends who were leaving for other colleges. The college 
girls here did have one advantage over us high school 
graduates. They could find out the secret to Mr. and Mrs. 
Hughes' games." 

"For All We Know We May Never Meet Again — That 
was so true, but we have had such wonderful memories 
of our two years of high school life." 

"Getting .To 'Know You — This was what all of us 
were doing that first week of our Junior year. Since a 
majority of us were new girls, we all were pretty busy." 

"What It Was Was Football — Carolina vs. State that 
is what caused an awfully lot of confusion for all the Big 
and Little Sisters that first Saturday. By the way. did 
anybody ever see Doris Price's date?" 

"No. and she didn't ever see him either. It really was 
a mess !" 

"For They Arc Jolly Good Fellows — And all our 
class officers were too. Cobbie was the Prez, with Sallio 
Rembert, Helen London, and Becky Walters as her 

'^There'll Be Some Changes Made — Cried the unifica- 
tion committee. This one group of girls promoted school 
spirit and a closer understanding between the Juniors." 

"Some of the girls on third Smedes exclaimed Let's 
I)i> It and began to decorate the hall and front porch 
with bathroom tissue. It seemed like a good idea at the 
time, but every Saturday night for a few weeks after 
you could hear them wail Full Moon and Empty Arms!" 

"Baby, It's Cold Outside. Wasn't it freezing that 
night of the Christmas parade out on Hillsboro? I under- 
stand the dining room had a few empty seats available 
that night." 

"You Set My Heart on Fin — Except it wasn't any- 
body's heart, but West Rock that almost burned down. 
Scotland Yard's detectives, under the supervision of 
Captain Callahan could never find out the source of tile 
smoke. Maybe it was sparks flying from one of Mary 
Hannah Finch's or Ease Pennington's hot phone calls." 

"You'd Be So Nice to Come Home To — Is for our 
Mamas and Papas ! Christmas vacation came and we 
heard by way of a News Flash that Cov was at it again. 
The parties in Goldsboro and Charlotte had people 
Dancing on the Ceiling." 

"Blue Monday — was the January second we came back 
to begin the month of study before exams. Around this 
time we all wished it was June in January." 

"Sullivan and McPherson, our own Sleepy Time Gals, 
lived up to their titles on Sunday mornings only." 

"February Brings the Rain — and Raleigh boasted 
weeks of consecutive rainy days." 

"You can' boast more days than that without Rainey 
times, can't you Jessie?" 

"Another thing February brought was the Circle walk- 
ing. They tapped Cobbie." 

"Stairway to the Stars — Led to third Smedes. Dr. 
Smedes kept typing those papers and Miss Davis blamed 
it on tiie girls in the four girl room." 

"Fools Rush In — Into the dining room expecting food 
and receiving only spare ribs and canned brown meat, or 
was it gray?" 

"I Could Write a Book — But instead we, as Juniors, 
sweated through those D.P.'s. Damn Papers, that is." 

"Spring Is Here — and brings our vacation and the 
Circle again. Dickie and Annie Gray could say I'll 
Remember April at the Azalea Festival. Ethyl alcohol 
kept right many old SMS machines running." 

"I Get a Kick Out of You — Birch and Pat, who we 
missed our Senior year, and Jenny exchanged many kicks 
in their water fights." 

"Lovely To Look At — Were our girls in the May 
Court — Dickie and Midge Bowen. Helen London and 
Jenny Whitehurst were so graceful dancing in their pale, 
flowing gowns." 

"With exams going on and that useless week end in 
June, all of us were singing Those St. Mary's Blues." 

"June third did finally come and all of us headed in 
our own favorite directions, singing Give Me the Jl'ide 
Open Spaces and Happy Days Are Here Again. I guess 
one reason we weren't too sad was that September, would 
unite the class again." 

"Here I Go Again — Is the proper way to begin our 
Senior Year. F'or some of us. we were going again for 
the fourth year." 

"Miss Jones reminded all the counselors, who came 
five days early, that they had to all Walk the Chalk Line! 
She said I'm Walking Behind You and I've Got My 
Lyes On 1 on .'" 

".Miss llornhack greeted us on the week ends with 
Hello Young Lovers. I'll Be Around — may well be our 
theme song. We have heen well represented on week 
ends at U.N'.C. State. Duke, Georgia, and West Point. 
Didn't Mary Hill Moffitt complete her one hundred 
fiftieth short to Carolina?" 

"With a beautiful, new dorm like Penick the Seniors 
sang Heaven, I'm In Heaven! Mrs. Tant was so friendly 
and generous to all of us. We were so glad she joined us. 
All of the Belles of St. Mary's got Fever — and sang 
solos to the Asiatic flu shot needles — I've Got Yon Under 
My Skin." 

"Choir practice brought strains of Smoke Gets in Your 
Lyes! — All mingled in witli Mr. Broughton's favorite 
tunes. I understand you could hardly borrow a hat he- 
cause so many Seniors sent their hats home since they 
were in the choir !" 

"Becky Walters, as assembly chairman, saw to it that 
we went Around the World in Eighty Assemblies!" 

"Did anyone notice a flying female performing Black 
Magic on Halloween Night? Betty Van Wagenen's room- 
mate was missing, and the broom was gone from tin' 
hall closet!" Sally was at it again. 

"Seven of our Seniors just ain't sharp enuff! These 
girls got in the Circle before Christmas." 

"Baby, If I'm the Bottom, You're the TOP — And the 
TOPS made our Christmas party really TOP-NOTCH !" 

"Dr. Guerry supplied the bells and dancing for the 
Bible class. Jingle Belles. He has boosted our morale 
many times." 

"Bell Bottom Blues — As usual tin- St. Mary's girls 
hit the bottom during January." 

"Anything Goes — and believe me everything that 
wasn't censored went into our Senior Follies in Feb- 

"They Can't Take That Auay From Me — Cried Helen 
London the night the censor got her." 

"All the girls were singing We've Got Rhythm the 
week before our performance." 

"We believe the Seniors proved witli their Follies 
that There's Xo Business Like Show Business. 

"Remember — The lovely snowfall that came the Satur- 
day of Winter Germans. Nothing has ever been so ro- 

"I'm Gonna Sit Right Down and Write Myself a 
Letter — Well, that would be the only way some of us 
would ever get any mail." 

"When March came, bringing Spring Vacation and 
beach weather, everybody had spring fever and it was 
Sleepy Time Doxcn South. All of us had drowsy heads 
in classes." 

"Again we flocked to Wrightsville Beach and the 
Azalea Festival." 

"It Was Just One of 'Those Things — That Carolina 
had its Spring Vacation when we had to stay here at 
school. There were many unhappy girls over the fact 
that we remained here for Easter. Nevertheless it was 
a very inspiring service as we all will agree." 

"It must he true that Love Is a Many Spleudored 
Thing cause so very many girls received pins from 
various fraternities." 

"Beauty as well as Love is a many spleudored thing. 
Just look at our May Court, headed by Jane Bellamy, the 

"Tl'ith a Little Bit of Luck — and a lot of studying 
we passed our exams and were ready to graduate." 

"Tomorrow we go to the Chapel for the Baccalaureate 
sermon and Monday all of us will be alumnae." 

"These have been such wonderful years. Both of us 
want to say to all of you — Thanks for the Memories." 

Jessie Allex 
Jane Bbadv 
May 31. 1958 


1 'II 

■ 1 1 

Junior Class Officers 

Julia Oliver 

Jeannette Cross 

Beverly DuBose 

Rett Weston 


First row, left to rii/h t : 

Jane Lawrence Augustine, Bellefontaine, Ohio; Nan 
Grey Bailey. Wendell, N. C.J Nellie Holmes Ballon. 
Oxford. N. C. ; Carolyn Joyce Batchelor, Scotland Neck. 
N. C; Susan Baumgardner. Jacksonville, Fla. 

Second rota: 

Betty Lou Beales. Washington, N. ('.; Sally Idessa 
Hlackmon. Columbia, S. C. ; Dana Iirownrigg Borden. 
Goldsboro, N. C. ; Margaret Lizzie Bowen. Raleigli. 
N. C; Helen Elise Brice, Spartanburg. S. C. 

Third row: 

Elizabeth Thorp Brodie, Scotland Neck, N. C; Rob- 
ley Ann Bruce, Lake City. Fla.; Sara Jane Bruce. 
Greensboro. N. C. ; Eleanor Lisbeth Bullock. Rocky 
Mount. N. C. ; Geraldinc Coles Burroughs. Conway, S. C. 

Fourth row: 

Ann Campbell, Raleigh. N. C. ; Caroline Forrest Cannon. 
Sumter, S. ('.; Rebecca Kay Carr. Windham, Maine; 
Starkey Moore Cherry, Mount Olive, N. C. ; Catherine 
Cameron Church. Henderson. N. C. 

Fifth row: 

Georgia Borden Cobb, Goldsboro, N. C. ; Nancy Holt 
Compton, Raleigh, N. C. j Jane MeMaster Copeland, 
Kinston, N. C. ; Eloise Neely Cowles, Statesville, X. C. J 
Cortlandt Preston Creech, Winston-Salem, N. C. ; Jean- 
nette Gilkev Cross. Marion. N. C. 


First rote, left to rii/ht : 

Mary Allison Dale, Charlotte, N. C.J Doris Elizabeth 
Davenport, Greenville, N. C.J Emma Laura Davis. Wil- 
mington, N. C; Elizabeth Mebane Dowd, Charlotte. 
N. C; Beverly Means DuBose, Columbia, S. C. 

Third roxc : 

Alice Leota Edwards. Greenville, N. C; Mary Roy 
Ellerson. Richmond. Va.j Eetitia Lee Estridge, Lan- 
caster. S. C. ; Dorothy Wingfield Ewing, Richmond, 
Va.; Elizabeth Constance Fisher, Whitakers, N. C. 

Second rozc : 

Rosemary Adele Dubuisson, Shreveport, La.; Penelope 
Warren Dunn, Winston-Salem. N. C. : Mary Turnagc 
Kason, Farmville, N. C; Anne Walser Edens, Columbia, 
S. C. ; Mary Judith Edgerton, Chappaqua, N. Y. 

Fourth rorc : 

Georgia Anne Fuller. Washington, X. C. : Virginia Trcd- 
way Gee. Greensboro, N. C. ; Jeancttc Mildred Gilliam, 
Burlington, N. C.J Elizabeth Cooper Gower, Clayton. 
X. C; Jane Winifred Gray, Tampa, Fla. 

Fifth row: 

Sandra Jane Harmon, Columbia, S. C; Carolyn Harris, 
Fountain, X. C.J Linda Elizabeth Harris. Concord. 
X. C.J Jane Bailey Hayes, Raleigh. X. C.J l.ncinila 
Stevens Henderson. Forest. Ya. 


First row, left to rir/ht : 

Judith Highsmith. Robersonville, N. C. ; Luanne Spencer 
Hobbs, Rocky Mount, N. C. ; Ann Lynn Hob.son, Char- 
lotte, N. C.j Ada Ellen Hoell, Washington, N. C.j Gail 
Tharpe Hunter, Raleigh, N. C. 

Second row: 

Anne Stacy Jefferson, Cairo, Ga.; Dorothy Cabaniss 
Johnson, Raleigh. N, C.J Sara Joan .Ionian. Raleigli, 
N. C; Margaret Ann Law. Raleigh. X. C. ; Agnes Vivian 
I.awler. Goldsboro, N. ('. 

Third row: 

Blanche Elizabeth Leggette, Savannah. Ga. ; Elizabeth 
Carter Lipford, Raleigh, N. C. ; Patricia Jarvis Litch- 
field, Jackson, N. C. ; Tonetta Maxine Lonning, Fort 
Monroe. Va. ; Jerry Ann Lovelace, High Point. N. C. 

Fourth row : 

Martha Ann Lynch, Raleigh. N. C. ; Sara Blair Maddi- 
son, Scotland Neck. N. C. ; Sallie Josephine Mareotte. 
Charlotte. N. C. ; Martha Ellen Miller, Lexington. N. C. ; 
Marv Wray Mitchell. High Point. N. C. 

Fifth row: 

Mary Caroline Mohr. Baltimore. Mil.; Nancy Cordon 
Morris. Salisbury. N. C. ; Memric Taylor Mosier. Green- 
ville, N. C. ; Mamie Jeanne Moye. Greenville, N. ('.; 
Harriet MeDaniel. Atlanta. Ga. 


* ^ -<>f 


First row, left to right; 

Anne Mnnro Mcintosh, Marion, X. C. ; Katharine Mc- 
Leod, Raleigh, X. C. ; Sara Most-lie McMillan. Winston- 
Salem. X. C. ; Wilma Roberta McRackan. Scotland Xeck. 
X. C; Lee Parker Xewhy. Rocky Mount. X. C. 

Second row : 

Charlotte Anne Olive, Lexington. X. C. ; Julia Oliver. 
Savannah, Ga. ; Emily Mullins Oulla, Marion, S. ('.; 
Marv Jane Pembcrton, Goldsboro, X. ('.; Mary Llewel- 
lyn Phillips. Raleigh. N. ('. 

Third rote: 

Octavia Scales Phillips. Rockingham. X. C. : Emily Al- 
len Pierce. Weldon. X. C. ; I'athrvn Sprott Potter. Beau- 
tort. X. C; Mary .Ann Powell.* Oxford. X. C. : Doris 
Osborne Price. Salisbury. X . C. 

Fourth row: 

Rebecca Louise Rolierson. Robersonvillc. X. C; Lavinia 
Mac Rothroek. Raleigh, X. C. ; Eve Cashwell Sandlin, 
Raleigh. X. ('.; Sonia Kaye Sheffield, Rose Hill. X. C. ; 
Nancv Siostrom. Klkir.. X. C. 

Fifth row: 

Jane Xorfeet Smith. Goldsboro, X. C; Harriet Smith- 
deal. High Point. X. C. ; Eliza Goode Southall, Amelia. 
\'a. ; Anna Dahl Thompson; Tallahassee, Fla.; Virginia 
Masters Tvson. High Point. X. C. 



V "=7 

First rare, left to right: 

Judith Christian Vernon, Raleigh, N. C. ; Linda Grey 
Vick. Kinston. N. C. ; Patricia Sigrid Villas, Charlotte, 
N. C. ; Ann Carter Voorhis, Lynchburg, Va.; June Scar- 
lett Walden. Guatemala City. Guatemala. 

Second row: 

Kay Burns Washburn, Ruffin, N. ('.; Henrietta McWillie 
Weston. Columbia. S. C; Martha McCoy Wheeler. Salis- 
bury, N. C; Sarah Ellen White. Kinston. N. C. ; Bettie 
Ann Whitehurst, Rocky Mount. N. C. 

Third row: 

Ruth Grantham Whitley. Murfreesboro, \. C. ; Beverly 
Ruth Wicker. Raleigh, X. C. ; Anne Winn Williams. 
Raleigh, N. C. ; Joan Lee Williams. Robersonville, N. C. ; 
Nancy Frank Wishart. Smith field, Va. 

Fourth row : 

Anne Andrews Wright. Petersburg, Va. ; Betty Dan 
dridge Wright, Rome. Ga.J Jane Iredell Wright. 
Wrightsville Beach. N. C. ; Dorothe Roberts Yeamans. 
Fuquay Springs. N. C; Catherine White Young. Fayette- 
ville, Tenn. ; Patricia Lonise Zeigler. Florence, S. C. 


Commercial Class Officers 

Harriett Lang 


Bayard Walker 

Helen Baker 


Commercial Class 

First row, left to ri(/ht: 

Helen Hood Baker. Smithfield, N. C. ; Virginia Sterling 
Chadwick, Beaufort, N. C.J Anne Peyton Craig, Ft. 
George G. Meade, Md.; Sadie Carol Etheridge, Whita- 
kers, N. C.j Jean Marie Keyes, Raleigli, N. C. 

Second row: 

Harriett Lang. Kinston, N. C. ; Barbara Virginia Mace. 
Jacksonville, Fla.; Dorothy Louise Ricks, Rocky Mount, 
N. C. ; Jean Evelyn Thompson, Southport, N. C. 

Third rota: 

Jane Norvell Wagoner, Salisbury, N. C. ; Patricia Bay- 
ard Walker, Macon, Ga.; Verney Carol Vines. Pasay 
City, Philippines, 


Sophomore Class Officers 


Bonnie Stone 

Mary Walke 

Carroll Ehrixghaus 

Carol Spalldixg 


First rot?, left to rif/ht: 

Gail Marie Allen, Winston-Salem. N. C. ; Martha Vir- 
ginia Anderson, Wilson, N. C. ; Caroline Winder Ash- 
ford, New Bern, N. C. ; Billie Lewis Barnes, Charlottes- 
ville, Va. ; Elizabeth Graham Beckwith, Raleigh, N. C.J 
Sara Bussoy Bickerstaff, Columbus, Ga. ; Priscilla Brown, 
Ivanhoe, N. C. 

Third roK' : 

Carroll Christoph Ehringhaus, Charlotte, X. C. ; Jose- 
phine Peoples Ehringhaus, Raleigh. N. C. ; Rebecca 
Cheatham Ferebee, High Point, N. C; Julia Ann Fuller, 
Mount Holly, N. C. ; Letitia Gregory Galbraith, Spar- 
tanburg, S. C. ; Mary Gail Goodwin, Elizabeth City, 
N. C. ; Josephine Metts Huntt, Raleigh, N. C. 

Second row: 

Dorothy Hope Buck. Asheville, N. C. ; Josephine Mehane 
Burgwyn. Jackson. N. C. ; Caroline Whitehead Clark. 
Tarboro. N. C; Marjorie Lyon Coddington. Charlotte. 
N. C. ; Margaret Elizabeth Costner. Lincolnton, N. C; 
Pauline Elizabeth Dent. Jacksonville. Fla.; Susan Farn- 
hain Dodd, Suffolk, Va. 

Fourth roic : 

Lillian Arriugton Johnston, Wilmington. N. C. ; Helen 
Bell Jones. Gainesville. Fla.; Mary Matilda King. Co- 
hnnbus, Ga.; Helen Louise Landauer, Kinston. N. C.J 
Elizabeth Randolph Latta. I.ouishurg. N. C. ; Anne 
Carter Lee, Rocky Mount. N. C. ; Winifred Hutcheson 
Lightfoot, Tuskegee, Ala. 




First row, left to right: 

Mary Todd Mann, Upper Nyack, N. Y. ; Gretchen 
Wriston Marsli, Charlotte, N. C. ; Lucy Hart Mihvard. 
Lexington, Ky. ; Allison Badger Moore. Charlotte. N. C. J 
Patricia May MeDaniel. Richmond, Va. ; Mary Mar- 
garet McKce, C'liarlotte, N. C. ; Florence Thomas Nasi). 
Tarboro, N. C. 

Second row: 

Mary Mitchell Nortfcet. Winston-Salem, N. C; Margaret 
Rene Pegues, Beunettsvillc. S. C. ; Mary Cameron 
Phillips, Morganton. N. C.J Lula Norris Pittman. Wil- 
son. X. ('.; Lynda Sue Richcrt, Raleigh. N, C; Frances 
Fletcher Smith, Madison, Va.; Sara Jane Snepp. Knox- 
ville, Tenn. 

Third roxo: 

Carol Virdeil Spaulding. Chase City. Va.; Mary Brown 
Stone. Martinsville. Va. ; Virginia Page Temple, High 
Point. N. C. ; Sally Virginia Thompson, Wendell. N. C: 
Mary Atkinson Walke. Greenwich, Conn.; Frances 
Moore Wands, Cooleemee. N. C. ; Kate Raney Webb, 
Greensboro, N. C. 

Fourth rote: 

Rebecca Murray Wehh. Wilson. N. C. ; Elizabeth Weisrr 
Winstead, Red Lion. Pa.; Elizabeth Field Vow. An- 

uiston. Ala. 


Freshman Class Officers 

Martha Martin 

Julia Ann Hunt 


Cornelia Mayer 

Caroline Finlay 


First row, left to right; 

Alice Anne Ainslee, Huntington, W. Y;i.; Martha Vir- 
ginia Allen, Forsyth, Ga. ; Edith Eugenia Alston, Annis- 
ton, Ala.; Virginia Dowdell Anderson, Charlotte. N. C. ; 
Martha Patricia Bell. Tarboro. N. C. ; Alyce Diane 
Blanton, Marion. N. C. ; Jane Crawford Bracewell. 
Toecoa, Ga. 

Third row: 

Linda Kay F arson, Ashland, Ky. ; Caroline Knowland 
Finlay. Columbia, S. C. ; Margaret Caroline Hamilton. 
Morganton. N. C.; Brenda Kay Hamrick. Gatfney, S. C; 
Jane Russell Harris, Seaboard. \. C. ; Lou Bonev Hof- 
fler. Wallace, N. C. ; Penelope Warren Holland, Co- 
lumbia, s. c. 

Second row: 

Barbara Louise Bridges, Raleigh, N. C.J Anne Winslow 
Brinn, Hertford, N. C. ; Mary Richard Chambers, Char- 
lotte, N. C; Agnes Gayle Clark, Fayetteyille, N. C. ; 
Judith Baine Grumpier, Fuquay Springs, N. C; Mary 
McNair Currie, Fayetteville, N. C; Ann Sherron De- 
Hart. Bryson City, N. C. 

Fourth row: 

Kathe Holtzclaw, Mount Holly. N. C. ; Eleanor Draper 
Howard, Tnrboro, N. C.; Cynthia Ann Hubard, Fayette- 
ville, N. ('.; Julia Ann Hunt, Charlotte, N. C. ; Ruth 
Blackburn Johnson. Raleigh. N. C; Susan Keel, Rocky 
Mount, X. C: Edith Mary Kcllerinan. Charlotte, N. C. 


First row, left to right: 

Martha Elizabeth Kirchheimer, Raleigh, N. C. ; Mari- 
anne Yates Kirkendall, Lafayette, La.; Martha Brown- 
low Martin, Anniston, Ala.; Cornelia Fleming Mayer. 
Columbia, S. C. ; Margaret Hadley Morgan, Farmville, 
N. C. ; Sarah Louise McClure, Fayetteville, N. C.J Vir- 
ginia Hull MeKinnou, Raleigh, N. C. 

Third rote): 

Stephne Jule Raymond. Raleigh. X. C; Ellen Christian 
Rose. Charlotte, X. C.J Camilla Carleton Savage. Ra- 
leigh, X. C. ; Priscilla Lambeth Seldon. Chapel Hill. 
X. C. ; Jean Hayman Shinier. Raleigh. X. C.J Anne Ray 
Stinnett. Brenham. Texas; Frances Hunter Stutts. High 
Shoals. X. C. 

Second row: 

Kay Cash McManus, Raleigh, N. C. ; Deborah Susan 
Parrott, Charlotte, X. C. ; Mary Xorcotte Pemberton, 
Yanceyville, X. C; Susan Montague Poe, Fayetteville. 
X. C. ; Jacqueline Justice Polk, Plymouth, X. C. ; 
Cecelia McKenzie Quantz, Timmonsville. S. C. ; Eleanor 
Newman Ramsey, High Point. X. C. 

Fourth row: 

Charlotte Sardin Thorne. Littleton. X. C. ; Margaret 
Ridley Tyler. Roxobel. X. C.J Sallv Brown Upton. Ra- 
leigh." N. C; Xancy Carol Wall". Charlotte. X. C; 
Martha Celeste Winstead, Myrtle Beach. S. C.J Amelia 
Whitaker Yancey, Marion. X. C. 



Jessie Allen 

Jane Brady 



Annie Cray Calhoun 


Caroline Cobb 



Linda Lunsford 

Dickie Robinson 



Ann Rountree 


Shirley Smith 


Special Students 

Azalee Truedell Archer 
Raleigh, N. C. 

Mrs. J. P. Milam 
Raleigh, N. C. 

Buena Vista Edwards 
Raleigh, N. C. 

Betsy Faye Pierce 
Raleigh, N. C. 

Emmalee Ward Harris 
Raleigh, N. C. 

Caroline Kurles Quick 
Wilson, N. C. 

Celeste Antoinette Hayden 
Raleigh, N. C. 

Ann Smiley 

Raleigh, N. C. 

Susanna Mary Kulash 
Raleigh, N. C. 

Irene Weldon 
Norlina, N. C. 

Mrs. Willie C. Martin 
Raleigh, N. C. 

Carol Ann Williams 
Raleigh, N. C. 

Johnsye Eastwood Massenhurg 
Raleigh, N. C. 

Jane Wooden 
Raleigh, N. C. 










Student Government Association 

First rote, left to ii</ht : Dickie Robinson. Vice-President of Student Government ; Caroline Cobb. President of 
Student Government; Shirley Smith, Secretary of Student Government. Second row: Jessie Allen. Chairman 
of Hall Council; Linda Lunsford, Secretary of Hall Council; Louise Jones, President of Day Students. 

The Student Government Association is the student organization for self-government. It 
consists of judicial, legislative, and executive branches, each of which has specified duties concern- 
ing' the regulation of student affairs. 

Honor Cooneil 

Left to right: Katesy Wehh, Sadie Carol Etheridge, Shirley Smith, Dickie Robinson, Caroline Cobb, Ann Shep- 
herd. Molly Ellerson, Sally Blaekmon, Lynda Riehert. 

The Honor Council is part of the judicial branch of the Student Government Association. It 
is responsible for the regulation of the Honor Code; the interpretation of this Code; and the prose- 
cution of Honor Council offenders. 

Legislative Body 

First row, left to right: Judy Scott. Dickie Robinson. Lou Johnson. Chairman; Ann Rountree, Jessie Allen. 
Second row: Sterling Chadwick. Betty Latta. Bonnie Stone. Nancy Morris. Jeannette Cross. Dana Borden, 
Martha Martin. Louise Jones. Ann Lynch. Not pictured: Caroline Cobb, Harriett Lang. 

The Legislative Body with its class representatives and its faculty advisors strives to pro 
mote new ideas and improve precedents which the student body feels to be beneficial to the growth 
of Saint Mary's. 

Hcill Council 

First row, left to right: Lucy Lynn Wooten, Judy Keller Thompson. Millie Fary. Annie Gray Calhoun. Florence 
McGowan. Michael Gardner. Ann Hardin. Judy Scott. Second row: Mary Hill MorKtt. Peggy Withers. Peppy 
Currie, Martha Oustis. Helen London, Margie Reid, Jane Brady, assistant secretary: Jessie Allen, chairman; 
Linda Lunsford. secretary; Betty Covington, Joan Barher, Ann Tayloe. Barbara Hauser. Lou Johnson. Susan 
Hardin. Third row: Byrd Love, Sallie Rembert, Shirley Smith. Jane Bellamy. Retta Grier. Kit Tiedeman. Dickie 
Robinson, Ann Shepherd, Doris Price. Ann Rountree. Becky Walters. Sally Barnes. Betty Van Wagenen. 

The Hall Council lias jurisdiction over all students regulations not specifically under the jur- 
isdiction of the Honor Council and over routine matters of student conduct. On each hall of the 
campus, there are two Senior girls who arc appointed as counselors. It is their duty to maintain 
discipline in accordance with the regulations of the school. These girls are also on hand to offer 
advice when necessary. 


Glee Club 

First row, left to right: Ruth Whitley, Anne Brinn, Nancy Wall. Priscilla Seidell, Virginia Allen, Jean Keyes, 
Carol Spaulding, Kathy Ploltzclaw, Marion Vernor, Sue Sandlin, President. Second rare: Katsy Wehh, Diane 
Blanton, Sally McClure, Martha Kirchlieinier. Mary Anne Powell, Vicki Rnthrick. Georgia Cobb, Dottie Yea- 
mans, Martha Ellen Miller, Emily Oulla, Pat Ziegler. Third rote: Eleanor Ramsey, Jane Smith, Kit Tiedeman, 
Dana Bordon, Caroline Cannon, Florence McGowan, Jean Thompson, Kay Washburn, Sally Bruce, Agnes Lawler, 
Muffy Walke. Fourth row: Barbara Hauser, Susan Dodd, Virginia McKhnmon, Eliza Southall, Sally Lewis, 
Helen Bell Jones, Anne Jefferson, Sally Blackmon, Cathervn Potter. 

The Glco Club is an organization which promotes interest in music. The members, under 
direction of Miss Geraldine C'ate, present programs at Christmas, Easter, and Graduation. 



The Ensemble is a 
segment of the Glee Chili 
and is composed of twen- 
ty selected girls who are 
especially interested In 
vocal music. The mem- 
bers present several pro- 
grams throughout the 
year for civic organiza- 

First rote, left to right: Helen Bell Jones, Carol Spaulding, Sue Sandlin. Sally McClure, Sally Bruce, Pat 
Zeigler. Second row : Emily Oulla, Anne Jefferson, Florence McGowan, Jean Thompson, Pat Watson, Virginia 
McKhnmon, Brooks Newton. Caroline Cannon, Sally Lewis. Eleanor Ramsey, Vickv Rothrock. Mary Anne 


Stage Coach Editorial Staff 


The Stack Coach is the annual of Saint Mary's, 
which comes out on Class Day. The Editorial staff 
is engaged in the writing, organizing, and editing 
of the publication. Working on this staff, enables one 
to procure a better understanding of all phases of 
school life. 

Sally Barnes, Editor 

First row, left to right: Marjorie Coddington. Millie Fary. Ann Hardin. Jane Hayes. Harriet McDaniel. 
Jeanette Gilliam. Second rote: Nancy Atkinson. Kit Tiedeman. Susan Keel. Judy Scott, Betty Van Wagenen. 
Ann Campbell, Hariett Lang. Third row: Mary Jane Pemberton, Penny Dunn. Lee Newby, Betty Anne Peggy Pegues, Linda Lunsford, Dana Borden. Mary Bahnson. Fourth row: Caroline Cannon. 
Rett Weston. Julia Oliver. Georgia Cobb. Jeannette Cross. Mebane Dowd, Xorcott Pemberton. Mary Bailey. 
Fifth row: Sally Blaekmon. Sandra Harmon. Kit McLeod. Jane Smith. Cinda Henderson. Agnes I.awler. 
Barbara Hauser. Memrie Mosier. Nancy Morris. Mary Hannah Finch, Joan DuBose. Polly Starbuek. Nancy 
Page Hopkins, Sally Barnes. 


Stage Coarh Business Staff 

The Business Start' of the Stack Coach serves in 
the soliciting of advertisements for the financial sup- 
port of this publication. This is one organization in 
which the Day Students plav a large role. 

Ann Lynch, Editor 

First row, left to rir/ht: Pat Zeigler, Allison Moore. Margie Reid. Second row: .loan .Ionian. Luanne 11' 
Betsy Lipford, Beverly DuBose. Third row: Betsy Dent. Lucy Milward, Lynda Richert, Polly Starl 
Sallie Thompson. Fourth roiv: Josephine Huntt. Margaret Bowen. Ann Lynch, 


Belles Staff 

The Belles is the newspaper of Saint Mary's, which 
is distributed every two weeks. The purpose of the 
Utiles is to provide publication experience for stu- 
dents and to keep the campus informed of various 

Michael Gardner. Editor 



«* m'~ 

First row, left to right: Anne Morris, Business Manager; Betsy Lipford, Headlines Editor; Lou Johnson, 
Exchange Editor; Dot Overbeck, Assistant Editor; Kit Tiedeman, Cigarette Manager; Peppy Carrie, Circu- 
lation Manager; Sallie Rembert. Feature Editor. Not pictured: Martha C'ustis, Business Editor. Second row: 
Allison Moore, Peggy Costlier, (iretelien Marsh. Sallie Thompson, Peggy Pegues. Jean Young. Virginia Vann. 
Bard Gatling, Charlotte Hunt. Third row: Carolyn Ashford, Betty Latta, Carroll Ehringhaus, Betty Wright. 
Lucy Milward, Marjorie Coddington, Polly Starbuck, Mary Hannah Finch, Georgia Cobb, Dana Borden. Fourth 
row: Betty Buiidy. Cinda Henderson. Kit McLeod, Linda Harris. Dorothy Ewing, Anne Jefferson. Jane 
Smith. Agnes Lawler, Emiline Elmore, Dot Ricks, Mary Frances Edmonds. Fifth row: Barbara Hauser, Alice 
Ainslie. Ann Shepherd. Nancy Page Hopkins. Nancy Morris. Charlotte Olive Nellie Holmes Ballon. Dickie 
Robinson. Katsy Webb. Bette Lee. Janice Sutton. Sixth row: Lucy Wooten. Amelia Yanev. Robley Ann 
Bruce, Linda Lunsford, Joan Jordan. Joan DuBose. 


Muse Staff 

The Muse is the literary magazine of Saint Mary's 
which is published bi-annually. It consists of poems, 
short stories, themes, essays, and other literary works, 
written entirely by the students. Participation on the 
staff gives an opportunity to learn more about crea- 
tive writing. 

Ciiee Davis, Editor 

Left to right: Lucy Milward, Memrie Mosier, Sally Ha 
visor; Ann Hardin, Barbara Hauser. 

Arrinffton Johnson, Miss Jones. Faculty Ad- 

Altar Guild 

5 i 




wwHSasm* +w 

First rozc, left to ri(/ht : Lucy Lynn Wooten, Jean Young, Ann Hardin, Joan Barber, Mary Hill Mortitt. Jane 
Brady, Ginny McPherson, Folly Starbuck. Nancy Page Hopkins. Mandy Morris. Mary Bailey. Second row: 
Dr. (xiierry. chaplain; Babe Middleon, Ann Shepherd. Mary Bahnsen, Lou Johnson. Peppy Carrie. Jane Wagon- 
er. Betty Covington. Martha Custis. Sybil Matins. Judy Keller Thompson, Charlotte Hunt. Kit Tiedeman. Sally 
Barnes, Ann Rountree. Third row: Millie Fary, Bette Lee, Becky Walters, Joan DuBose, Sally Mustard. Sally 
Royle, Bard Gatling. Billie Edinondson. Dickie Robinson. Helen London. Fourth row: Doris Priee. Betty Van 
Wagenen'. Nancy Atkinson. Dot Ricks. Mary Frances Edmunds, Peggy Withers, Sis Young, Judy Scott. Jessie 
Allen. Fifth row: Mary Hannah Finch. Ann Tayloe. Dot Overbeck. Emeline Elmore. 

The Altar Guild is a Senior organization which is divided into various committees. These commit- 
tees, for the up-keep of the interior of the chapel, are: brass, silver, hook, linen, and flower. The pur- 
pose is to stimulate an interest in church work and to teach students how to prepare the altar for each 
service. Miss Bason and Dr. Guerrv serve as advisors. 


The acolytes, servers, 
and crucifers assist the 
chaplain at each chapel 
service. The opportunity 
of actually taking- part 
in the worship services is 
a privilege as well as an 
emphasis on this phase of 
life at Saint Mary's. 

First row, left to right: Ann Hardin. Betty Covington. Second rote: Sally Barnes. 
Helen London. Third row: Ann Shepherd, Millie Fary. Xot pictured: Sybil Mathis. 



First row, left to right: Dana Borden. Millie Fary, Ginny McPherson, Sybil Mathis, Nancy Cos ton, Helen 
Bell Jones. Second row; Kit Tietleman, Mary Hannah Finch, Emily Oulla, Anne Hardin, Arrington John- 
ston, Anne Morris, Brooks Newton. Third row: Eleanor Ramsey, Ann Stinnett, Betty Wright, Octavia Phil- 
lips, Helen London, Shirley Smith, Priscilla Brown. Fourth row: Linda Lunsi'ord, Emeline Elmore, Jean 
Thompson, Sallie Remhert, Sally Blackmon, Sally Lewis, Jessie Allen. Fifth rote: Anne Jefferson, Ann Roun- 
tree, Nancy Atkinson, Catherine Church. 

The Choir, under the direction of Mr. Russell Broughton, is organized for the purpose of 
leading the singing in the chapel, and for furthering the beauty of the worship service with special 

Canterbury Club 

The Canterbury Club 
is the young people's or- 
ganization sponsored by 
the Episcopal Church. 
Students from the vari- 
ous colleges in Raleigh 
meet on Sunday nights 
for worship, study, and 
fellowship. The Saint 
Mary's division collects 
clothes for the Woman's 
Auxiliary to send to 
the Thompson Orphanage 
and each Fallsel's blazers 
to students. Anyone of 
any church is always wel- 
come to join. 

Left to right: Muffy Walke, Secretary; An 
Yeamans, President; Jo Burgwvn, Treasure 



Dramatics Glub 

First row, left to right: Prissy Seldon, Betsy Lipford. Business Manager; Sally Green. President; Diane 
Blanton, Lnanne Hobbs, Millie Fary. Second row: Patricia Litchfield. Margaret McKee. Ridley Tyler. 
Xoreotte Remberton, Peggy Withers, Nancy Compton, Sally Barnes. Third row: Vicky Rothrock. Mary 
Jane Pemberton, Liza Southhall. Ann Shepherd, Secretary; Carolina Finlav. Toni Lonning. Eleanor Howard. 

The Dramatics Club, under the direction of Mrs. Nancy Stanley, offers practical experience 
in acting and backstage work for all students interested in participating. Two major productions 
are given during the year. The two productions given this year were The Heiress and Our Town. 

Young Women's Christian Association 

The Young Women's 
Christian Organization is 
an organization whose 
purpose is to help the 
needy. The parties for 
the orphanage children 
and the sale of Saint 
Mary's charms are some 
of the activities of the 
**V." Everyone is invited 
to join. 

Left to right: Jeannette Cross. President; Betsy Lipford. Secretary Treasurer; 
Page Temple. Vice-President. 

Granddaughters' Club 

First roxc, left to right: Peggy Costlier, Betty Van Wagenen, Brooks Xewton, Martha Winstead, Bard Gat- 
ling. Helen Bell Jones, Caroline Ashford, Helen London. Mary Hill Motritt. Carroll Eliringhans. Second roxc: 
Ridley Tyler, Octavia Phillips, Jane Wright, Lucy Lynn Wooten, Susan Hardin. Kay Washburn, Katesy Webb, 
Annie Gray Calhoun. President; Blair Maddison, Mary Llew Phillips, Betty Latta. Josephine Hmitt. Betty 
Anne Whitehurst, Eliza Southhall, Caroline Cannon, Priseilla Selden. Third row: forty Creech, Charlotte 
Hunt. Sallie Remhert, Jane Bellamy. Jeannette Cross, Linda Vick, Eleanor Howard, Jane Smith. Harriett Lang, 
Ann Tayloe, Georgia Cobb. 

The Granddaughters' Club is composed of students whose mothers or grandmothers attended 
Saint Mary's. The club has various projects throughout the year and makes a contribution to the 
loyalty fund. 


Daughters' Club 

The members of the 
Doctors' Daughters' Club 
are those whose fathers 
are doctors. The purpose 
of the club is to help some 
people who are less fortu- 
nate than ourselves. This 
year as a project, baskets 
of fruit were given to the 
Wake County Home for 
the Acred. 

Left to right: Betty Ann Whitehurst, Secretary Treasurer; Billir K 
President; Anne Mcintosh. Vice-President, 



Senior Little Store 





ie/t to, right: Millie Fary, Betty Covington, Chairman; Sallie Remhert. Joan Barber. Susan Hardin. Mary 
Bahnsen. Charlotte Hunt, Sally Lewis. 

The Senior Little Store which is run and operated entirely by Seniors, sells candy and sand- 
wishes at various times throughout the day to make money for a school gift from the class. 

Young Republicans Club 


■A ■ j 

i • \> i 1 


m \ 

Left to right: Marjorie Coddington, Sec- 
retary ; Lucy Milward, President; Coles 
Burroughs, Historian; Millie Fary. Vice- 

Young Democrats C 

Left to right: Dana Borden. Vice-Presi- 
dent; Kit Tiedeinan. President; Martha 
Custis, Secretary-Treasurer. 

The Y.D.C. and Y.R.C. are organized to stimulate interest in politics. These clubs offer the 
students an opportunity to consider both sides of a political question. They also aim at explain- 
ing something of the organization of the United States Government. 


Brooks Newton 

Jessie Allen 
Jane Augustine 
Julia Baker 
Sally Barnes 
Sally Blaekinon 
Elizabeth Blake 
Jane Brady 
Nancy Compton 
Betty Covington 
Jeannette Cross 
Margaret Crowson 
Carol Grumpier 
Chee Davis 
Penny Dunn 
Molly Ellerson 
Michael Gardner 
lictta Grier 
Peggy Damme 
Anne Hardin 
Barbara Hauser 

Jane Hayes 
Judy Highsniith 
Luanne Hobbs 
Louise Jones 
Joan Jordan 
Bette Lee 
Lib Legette 
Sally Lewis 
Sybil Matins 
Mary Hill Moffitt 
Dot Overbeck 
Ease Pennington 
Doris Price 
Cathrine tXakestraw 
Sallie Etembert 
Dickie Robinson 
Ann Rountrrc 
Julia Ann Scott 
Ann Shepherd 
Nancy Sullivan 
Ann Tayloe 

Sigma Pi Alplia is an honorary language fraternity. The purpose of the organization is to 

stimulate an interest and a more intimate knowledge of foreign languages. A student is eligible 
for membership if she has an average of 15+ in an intermediate year of the language, and an aca- 
demic averao'e of B. 


Order of the Circle 

Cordelia Robinson 

Betsy Lipford 



Jessie Allen 
Jane Brady 
Elise Briee 

Caroline Cobb 
Hetty Covington 
Jeannette Cross 
dice Davis 

Millie Fary 

M ieliael ( ianlner 
Kouise Jones 
Ann Uonntrcc 

Ann Shepherd 
Shirley Smith 
Kit Tiedeman 

"As the Circle symbolizes unity, so the purpose of this organization shall be to promote a 
spirit of co-operation among the students by the cultivation of high ideals of service, fellowship, 
citizenship, and scholarship and to assist new students in finding their places in school life and 


The Beacon 

Page Temple 

Linda Richert 

Edith Alston 
Jo Burgwyn 
Julia Ann Hunt 
Helen Bell Jones 
Winifred Lightfoot 
Martha Martin 

Allison Moore 
Florence Nash 
Lou Pittman 
Carol Spaulding 
Bonnie Stone 
Muffv Walke 

Katesv Webb 

The purpose of the Beacon is to promote among the high school "iris better school spirit, 
more co-operation and participation in school activities. 


First row, left to right: Mary Hill Mofh'tt, Annie Gray Calhoun, Chief Marshal; Lou Johnson. Second roic : Jane 
Bellamy, Jenny Whitehurst, Ease Pennington. 

The Marshals are six Seniors who act as ushers for chapel services and auditorium entertain- 
ments. In chapel they lake up the collection, and lead the student body to and from their seats. They 
also maintain order at all other student body gatherings. 


Dance Marshals 

First rorc, left to right: Joan Jordan, Joan Barber, Nancy Page Hopkins, Chief Marshal; Jane Gray, Jane Hayes. 
Second row: Polly Starbuck, Jo Burgwyn, .lane Wagoner, Doris Price, Sara McMillan, Ann Hobson, Gretehen 
Marsh, Betty Lou Beales. 

The dance marshals supervise all dances at Saint Mary's. The chief dance marchal and her execu- 
tive committee of dance marshals, together with the advisor, work out the plans for all dances, and are 
responsible for seeing that everything runs smoothly. 



Sign a 

l S 

Left to right: Kit Tiedeman, President; Betty Cov- 
ington, Vice-President. 

The Sigma and Mu are the two athletic clubs 
to which every girl in school belongs. The athletic- 
activities at Saint Mary's are divided into major 
and minor sports. As these sports are carried out 
through the year, teams are chosen and tourna- 
ments are played. Individual girls are given points 

Left to right: Ann Campbell. Nancy Wall, Mary Ann Powell. Mebane Dowd, Peppy Currie. head cheerleader; 
Judy Scott. Marjorie Coddington. Gretchen Marsh, Susan Poe. Ann Hobson. 



for making teams or placing in tournaments. Also, 
points arc given to the athletic association whose 
members win a tournament. 

The purpose of these athletic organizations is 
to promote interest and participation in intra- 
mural sports among the students. 

Left to right: Jenny Whitehurst, President; Millie 
Farv, Vice-President. 

Left to right: Ada Ellen Hoell, Linda Lunsford. Nan Bailey. Carolyn Harris. Georgia Cobb, Florence Me- 
Gowan. Micheal Gardner, head cheerleader; Betty Ann Whitehurst. Ellen Rose. Toddy Mann. Carroll Ehring- 
haus. Lou Pittman, Connie Fisher. Lou Johnson. 


Letter Club 

Left to right: Kit Tiedenian. Sadie Carol Etheridge, Jenny Wliiteliurst. Millie Fary, Sybil Mathis, Lucy Mil- 
ward. President; Octavia lMn'Ilips, Dottie Yeamans. Dot Overbeck, Caroline Cobb, Honey \'ann. Not pictured: 
l J riscilla Brown. Betty Covington, Betsy Lipford, Dana Bordon. Nancy Sullivan, Michael Gardner, Linda Luns- 
ford, Susan Dodd. Sara Barber, Lois Middleton, Bard Gatling. 

The Letter Club is an athletic organization winch fosters good sportsmanship and takes charge 
of extracurricular sports activities. A student is eligible for the Letter C'luh after she has accumu- 
lated 100 points or has made two all-star teams. 



First roxc, left to right: Joy Little, Secretary; Jo Burgwyn, President. Second row: Michael Gardner, Oe- 
tavia Phillips. Frankie Wands. Nancy Coston. Third roxc: Carlton Savage, Millie Fary, Bard Gatling, Nancy 
Page Hopkins. Fourth roxc: Elizabeth Blake. Dot Overbeck, Judy Seott. Dottie Yeainans. Hadley Morgan. 
Fifth roxc: Catheryn Potter, Memrie Mosier, Eleanor Bullock, Bibi Walker. Winnie Lightfoot. 

Orchesis is a modern dance group whose members have met the necessary dance requirements. 
Its purpose is to promote a better understanding of dance technique, history and choreography. 
Orchesis presents a Christmas program and the May Day Pageant. 



■■■■■■.■,,■ : - 


$L Ba 

Mav Queen 

'€* c 



»u y- 

*«^"- "-' • ;*•'>*» • 

Jane Bellamy 


May Court 


May Day 








.■*■ - 



































Friendly, Courteous Service 

PHONE TE 2-3212 
601 Hillsboro Street 




"Eastern Carolinas' Largest 
Department Store" 

For GOOD ness* Sake 1 , 

MfctJMh ».n,«* 

Home Office: Wilson, N. C. 



Brogden Produce Co., 




Richard G. Stone, President 
Raleigh, North Carolina 

High school graduates are offered two years of standard college work. 
The curriculum also includes 1 1 th and 12th grades of high school work. 
All academic courses fully accredited by the Southern Association. 

Excellent Courses in Art, Business, Expression, Home Economics 

and Music Departments with Tuition included 

in General Charge 

Twenty-Acre Campus — Field Sports — Gymnasium — Tennis 
Indoor Tiled Swimming Pool — Horseback Riding — Golf 


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Who Love Elegance 

in Fashion 


Makers of Fine 

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for Annuals 

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Cut Flowers Corsages 

Graduation Bouquets Decorations 

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102 Harrison Avenue 

Synum Printing, Company, 

J\alelgn, Jyorth Carolina 

One to grow on . . . 

Good health is our business. We take a deep 
personal pride in watching the growth and devel- 
opment of youngsters raised on Pine State's good, 
health-giving milk and dairy foods. We feel 
great satisfaction in the knowledge that we 
contribute to the growth of the community a% we 
t.i to the growth of its citizens. 
We're proud of the fact that we're growing, 
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for Pine State's pure, delicious milk, ice cream 
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First in Fashions in the Carolinas 

Downtown and Cameron Village 



Bottled Under Autnonty of The Coca-Cola Bottling Co. 

The Capital Coca-Cola Bottling Co. 

Best Wishes 

Saint Mary's 



Arthur E. Buddenhagen 




Established in Raleigh in 1867 





Office Supplies and Equipment 


1 L9 Fayetteville Street 

120 S. Wilmington Street 



1217 Hillsboro Street 

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